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November 9, 2015

As Winter nears our Fall weekends become more
precious, don't they?  I hope yours was lots of fun.

Speaking of fun - let's kick the week off with a fun Repurposeful Monday.

At a recent Japanese Expo in France a
recycle video game was debuted:
Simply insert an empty soda can and the player
gets a few minutes of free game time.  Brilliant!

A vintage radio was transformed into an
Industrial Chic-style end table:

Two old Ford door vans were mounted on a custom cabinet:

Part of an antique traffic light was
repurposed into a rustic clock:

Think outside the box when you
run across a vintage metal drawer:
Source                      Source 

A desk was repurposed into a chic kitchen island:

A distressed vintage chest of drawers was transformed
into a charming painted storage cabinet:

Another damaged chest of drawers was given
an extended useful life as a retro-inspired bar:

A variety of dresser drawers were painted and
arranged to make a bookcase headboard:

Two drawers were attached and painted to form a doll house:

You're right, it is a little late in the year
to turn an old bicycle into a planter:

 A thrift shop silver-plated tea pot makes
an elegant chipmunk feeder: 

A vintage flour sifter makes a nostalgic utensil holder: 

I've seen several different variations of tea
cup chandeliers but this one is adorable:

Paired with weathered wood an antique chicken
cage makes a sophisticated coffee table.

Spray paint unusual glass shades and use
with candles for Fall outdoor entertaining.

All of today's ideas aren't just clever, they're practical and repurposeful!

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  1. So many fabulous ideas, Jan! I particularly like the use of dresser drawers to make a useful headboard.