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November 17, 2014

Remember that last Friday's Before & After post featured miscellaneous projects?  Well, today's Repurposeful Monday is another hot mess of unusual odds and ends.

You can display a button collection in a jar
or on colorful wall art.

Balloon + glue + buttons = a fun art project!

In it's former life this hall tree was a door.
Love that they left the knob in tact.

A chalk board and a window frame combine
to make a charming message station

The platform of a Los Angeles billboard
was repurposed into a mini-forest:

I'm thinking 6th grade science project.

Are you looking for ideas on how to
repurpose a vintage suitcase?


Here are a few ingenious coffee table ideas:

Picture Perfect

College students can be very inventive:
An old television is now a coffee table.

Cute idea!

Old 35mm film was used to make these ingenious lamp:

Seriously, what can't be turned into a lamp?


A thrift shop lamp shade makes a great knitting yarn caddy.

An old shipping crate was repurposed into a portable coffee bar:

Yes, sheer genius.

An old industrial cart whimsically organizes Winter wear.   

Yes, that's an antique chicken cage.

Interested in a heavy metal sculpture?

An English phone booth is now a fish tank outside a pub.

A library information desk was built
with hundreds of old books.  Clever.

With Summer behind us those inflatable pools can be brought indoors and put to work as a play pen.   Why do I suspect that a Dad thought this up?!

I warned you that today's repurposeful post is a compilation
of unusual odds and ends.  Do I ever disappoint?!


  1. LOVE the book desk, and the button bowl!
    I may try this one!

  2. I have a vast collection of buttons, so the button art really inspired me to have a go.

  3. What a fun 2 favorites were the first and last photos. I love that button rooster! I am guessing you would need a very large room with a very wide doorway to get that beer barrel into it!
    Have a great week, Jan.

  4. To answer your question......NEVER!!!

    (one of the best blogs around!)

  5. Thank you - I suddenly know what to do with all my buttons!
    This is going to be one fun project. :))

  6. Thank you for the follow Jan, much appreciated.

    Some amazing ideas in your post, my favourites are the 35mm film for lamps and the old light shade to hold wool:-)