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November 21, 2014

I'm so glad it's a Before & After Friday.  We all need
a little renovation inspiration by the end of the week.

Specifically - some kitchen inspiration!

This dated kitchen was screaming for an update:

Apparently screaming pays off.

Removing a 'pass through' kitchen divider . . . .

. . . . . completely opened up this kitchen.

Overhead fluorescent lighting was an 80s thing:

Welcome to 2014.

The former owners of this home tried to update their 1960s pantry:

The new owners replaced the pantry
with more sophisticates cabinets.

A small condo kitchen was renovated quite successfully:

Yes, this renovation is amazing but I'm not a fan of the
baseboard lighting and that tile floor is a little much:

Another example of how a tiny kitchen
can be given a big personality:
Before                 After

Some say that knotty pine is making a comeback:

But this renovation refutes that theory.

The only things the owners left intact
were the windows and the sink:

From Traditional:
To ultra modern.

This was an average size kitchen but it was too busy:
So calm and sleek now.

Actually, this kitchen was nice:

 Now, to quote Joey on Friends, "Niiiiice."

Big dated kitchen:

 Big updated kitchen.

Wallpaper borders debuted in the 90s and they were awesome:

But this contemporary makeover is awesome-er.
(Mom, I know that awesome-er is not a word.)

From a Blah kitchen:

To a Bold kitchen:

Isn't it intriguing that this kitchen retained its
original layout but everything else was replaced:

Gotta say, this 'before' kitchen is quite nice:

But I have to admit - the 'after' kitchen is pretty amazing:

A very traditional kitchen:

was transformed into an uber contemporary classic.

From ordinary to extraordinary:

The cabinets were kept but just about everything
else in this kitchen was replaced or redesigned:

Here's another example of  how removing overhead cabinets
completely changes the dynamics of a kitchen.  Great job. 

Before we close today I want you to check out this last transformation.

A dining room that was used as a play room:

. . . was turned back into a sophisticated dining room.

Thanks for dropping by to share these
phenomenal projects.  Have a great weekend!


  1. I love Fridays at your blog. Wait I love everyday at your blog.
    Even the worst kitchen looks so much better with the clutter removed ! Dishes put away and trash tossed. I always wonder if after the "after" photos they go back to the the messy "before" look.
    I sometimes staged home for sale and I was so amazed at how and what people lived in.
    I love baseboard lights. The big problem with that photo was the lights showed up so strong. I have them in several rooms and they are perfect for late at night.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Just in time as I kick around ideas for my kitchen. Thanks and have a great weekend!