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December 19, 2013

One of the best gifts to give?  The gift of time.

Consider hosting a Christmas Craft Party for the children of family and
friends, allowing the parents some child-free time to shop or wrap gifts.

Keep those little hands busy making a cute Christmas craft
that they can take home when the their parents pick them up.

30 Minute Crafts

I was at Walmart yesterday - their
clear plastic ornaments are only 88¢!

Fantastic Fun
Thumb prints make precious snowmen.

Even if you left off the pedestal these snow globes would still be precious.

When you're in need of craft gift ideas just take a stroll 
through Michael'sHobby Lobby or any craft store.
These darling ceramic ornaments are less than $2
and a paint pen makes personalizing them a snap.

Tip:  ask teens in the family to attend and help you corral
the younger children and help pass out snacks.

 Finger painting?  How about foot painting?!

Pipe cleaner candy canes have been popular for decades:
 Fountain Avenue Kitchen

Construction paper cut into strips
makes a colorful Christmas tree:

How cute are these peanut shell reindeer?

Hand print crafts are the type that parents
and grandparents keeps for years!

Cut felt squares, ribbon scraps, and glue are all
you need to make bright fabric Christmas trees.

This might be the cutest use of a sock I've ever seen:
This is the perfect craft idea for those
single socks that show up in your dryer!

Having young ones over for a craft party will be as much fun for you as
it is for them.  Start a tradition that will be remembered for years to come.


  1. These are all wonderful ideas! Thank you!

  2. Replies
    1. I love the sock snowman, too. How repurposeful - all of the socks that lose their mates throughout the year could go into a box and at Christmas they could be made into snowmen. -- Jan

  3. I just helped out at a Christmas craft day for kids and it was a lot of fun. It was held for the reason you gave, to give parents an extra day to get things finished before Christmas. We had 25 kids in all. I've just seen some new ideas in case we do it again next year, thanks :)


    1. My, gosh - 25 kids?! It must have been so much fun. Bet the parents really appreciate the time, too.

  4. What a terrific idea! and I love all the crafts you showed. The kiddies should have a ball making them.

    1. Children really don't care how complicated or simple the craft is - they just love cutting, pasting and giving it to their parents. -- Jan

  5. Where were you when my son was growing up? We just did the macaroni crafts. Wreath grames etc. These ideas are so fun.

    1. Yea, I saved a lot of dried macaroni crafts that my children did when they were young. I love finding darling craft ideas to share. They're a lot of fun. -- Jan