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January 17, 2013

When you were a kid did you color outside the lines?  Did
you run with little snub-nosed scissors?  Did you wear a plaid
skirt, a striped sweater, and polka dot socks?  Me, too!
Mis-matching is a casual, charming style that appeals to
those of us who are more relaxed and laid back.  And, let's
just say it, it's not for between-the-lines kind of people.

Mis-matching can also feature uniformity - like these different styles
of chairs painted the same color and upholstered in the same fabric.

Nowhere is mixing different textures, colors, and styles
more appealing than at your own dining room table.

Not only is mis-matching individualistic, it's also economical.

What a charming way to expand your color palette.

High-backed stools are a perfect transition seating solution
for little ones who have out-grown their highchairs.

Mis-matching can involve an array of materials and textures.

Mis-matching allows you to make a
collection useful as well as interesting.

Even the most formal settings can be
enhanced with a mixture of seating styles.

Burlap, velvet, and linen - a delightful combination.

An array of non-upholstered chairs is
'matched' in a beautiful shade of turquoise.

The 'pop' of the bright blue emphasizes
the differences of the chairs.

How romantic is this beautiful setting
in different shades of white and cream? 

A mis-matched table seating successfully meshes
every style of decorating imaginable - classic,
traditional, primitive, and Mid-Century modern.

Shop in your own home - is there a wide variety of chairs
you already own that can be grouped around your table?

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  1. Holy cow, I love all the inspirational pictures. The combination of old and new makes my heart happy ;) I am your newest follower and I just wanted to say thanks so much for continuing to follow me on my blog. I can't wait to go snooping around here for more inspiration!!