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January 3, 2013

Is there anything more inviting than a crackling fire on a winter's day?  A fireplace makes a unique statement that no other architectural feature in a home can offer.

Whether your taste leans toward the classical or
the contemporary, a fireplace adds an element of elegance and interest to any room.


eclectic revisited

Designer Jane Hess brought a fresh color palette to a traditional setting.

Thad Hayes kept this minimalist mantle simple and elegant.

Designer Andrea Crawford allowed the massive stone
fireplace to set the tone of this beautiful room.

As a child, I thought the main purpose of a mantle was to provide a
place to hang my Christmas stocking.  As an adult, I appreciate the
welcoming warmth and camaraderie to be shared around the hearth.

Whether you enjoy a fireplace for the warmth it generates or for the aesthetic appeal, you won't find  a better spot in the house for taking a nap!


  1. Oh my, what gorgeous fireplaces! That last photo was great! I think my favorite is the rustic one - 4th photo with the blue striped rug. But I would love any of these. I do have a woodstove built into my fireplace and keep it burning all winter. Cozy. Wishing you a cozy winter! xx

  2. I was so enjoying all the different fireplaces, and then the last one! LOL!

    Now I need to go, and start the fire in my fireplace!


  3. Your disclaimer and About Me sections made me laugh out loud. I'm a new follower and wish to thank you for following me....I think I've found a pearl!
    x KL

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