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January 28, 2013

Repurposeful Monday

I hope that some of these ingenious ideas inspire you
to reuse everyday items in new and interesting ways.

Isn't this chick feeder shelf a darling idea?

Old metal buckets make charming light fixtures.

A window herb garden - what a cute idea for using old tea tins.

Such an easy, economical and inviting centerpiece - a candle
within a hurricane lamp filled with wine corks!

Make finger foods a little more fun
by serving them in an ice tray.

Cute country vases:  use chalk paint on
canning jars then lightly sand the raised print.

Who knew that drawers also made great shelves?

Old golf clubs were used to make new clothes hangers.

Admit it - there aren't many ways to repurpose an old metal filing
cabinet.  This is such a great way to help organize your garage.

An old end table was converted into a charming bench-for-one.

I've seen old records turned into clocks but this is the first time
I've seen an old record on a turntable turned into a clock.  Cool.

A piece of rusty wrought iron fencing was given a new purpose.

Old crates make wonderful display units, don't they?

What kid wouldn't love to have a vintage
joy stick in place of a light switch?!

These vintage foosball players are now being
used as a towel rack in a sports-theme bedroom.

Think of the millions of old computer towers that could be
kept out of landfills if they were turned into mailboxes.

A vintage ladder can provide additional
storage in any style of kitchen.

And, lastly, the Ultra Repurposing - an entire house made from recycled material:

The Ecosa Design Studio created this recycled shipping container
home in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Featured in the 2000 sq. ft. home are
2 sleeping lofts, 2 baths, a kitchen, an office, and a studio.  It took
6 shipping containers to construct the residence which also includes
a separate green house.  Rain water and solar power are collected
in the second story for the homeowner's use.  


  1. Very inspiring images!
    I think I saw a home makeover show where they showed this container home. It was very cool, but a little to 'warehouse' for my taste.

  2. Wow I love these things and there are several that I am going to have a go at. Totally inspiring.

  3. Yep!!! I am totally inspired. Especially love the idea with the drawer made into shelves. Am going to give that a go! Especially as I am obsessed with shelves!! Thankyou for sharing the lovely photos of inspiration. Makes you look at everything in a different way. :) Karen x

  4. Ohhh, I collect wine corks, and your photo is very inspiring! I really like their selection of pictures. You have a new follower. Greetings from Spain- :o)