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January 31, 2013

Oh, the Beauty of Possibilities!

Force yourself to look beyond the years
of use and the layers of old paint:

This Mid-Century dresser was given new
life and purpose.  Isn't it glorious?

Though chairs are priced as a group, it doesn't hurt to ask the thrift
shop volunteers if they would break up the set and sell just one:

Before                                                                                After

How many times have you passed on a chair with caning or webbing
damage?  They're often marked ridiculously cheap as these types of
repairs can be quite costly.  An alternative?  Upholster over the damage:

Here we have a typical thrift store tarnished treasure . . . . . .
. . . . . that was lovingly transformed into cherished keepsake.

          A rather dull 1930's wardrobe was ingeniously
          transformed into charming children's storage space:


Although these weathered porch posts look as if they've
been there for a while, the transition to columns with
stone pedestals finally completes this house:

Another successful exterior renovation:

Angie's List
The marvels of imagination, a healthy
budget, and a competent contractor!

When I first saw the makeover, below, I thought, 'What is that big screen TV
doing in the dining room?'  It took me a moment to realize it's a mirror - duh!

There really was nothing "wrong" with the dining room before
the re-do but now it's fresh, interesting, and inviting.

The kitchen project, below, is one of
the most inspiring I've seen in a while:
               Before                             After

If you're addicted interested in the television show House Hunters International,
you might already have seen this unbelievable transformation - a 441 sq.ft.
parking garage in Bordeaux, France, was converted into a sophisticated home:

The actual renovation can be viewed on this
video - I still can hardly believe the results.

That's all I have for you today, loves.  Just thought we all
could use some Thursday inspiration.  Back to unpacking!


  1. Hi Jan- I see you signed up as a follower today so I traced you back. I love what you are doing here and I am your newest follower. I love ALL the re-dos! Glad you found me- so that I could find you! xo Diana

    Oh, just a thought-you might want to take the double word verification keeps most people from leaving a comment...just thought you might not know it is on.

    1. Thanks - you're right, I wasn't aware it was still on. Hope everyone is warm and snuggly in your area. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Hi Jan, Ditto to what NanaDiana says. Thank you for your comments and signing up to mine. Your pictures are lovely and I always admire what somebody else can do. I see you are a Jane Austen person. Elinor Dashwood (Miss Dashwood) is one of my favorites too! :-) Also loving Downton Abbey - my husband and I have watched since the beginning.

    1. My sister and I are addicted to Downtown Abbey. The costumes are amazing, aren't they? -- Jan

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  4. My husband and I moved into a new cottage a year ago, and I continue to look for a few vintage ideas to give it character - your blog is a good place for that! Thank you for stopping by my blog recently. My grands were away for a few years, but all 4 are here for now and I am so grateful. I know what it is to have my heart yearn for them and I understand how you feel, as much as one can. I am following you and will be back frequently!

  5. Great makeover pictures - truly inspiring - loving it