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January 15, 2013

There are no two ways about it - you're either a fan of
purple (and its many various shades) or you're not.  

Useless fact:  Porphyrophobia is the fear of the color purple.

Useless fact:  In the Star Trek universe, Klingons have purple blood.

Useless fact:   The early Greeks originally manufactured purple from
              the mucus of the spiny dye-murex snail.  Yuck.

Useless fact:  The first recorded use of the word 'purple' in English
was in the year AD 975.

Useless fact:  Han Purple is a type of artificial pigment found in China
between 500 BC and AD 200.

Useless fact:  Purple Pizzazz was formulated by Crayola in 1990.

Useless fact:  In the 1980s the Jimi Hendrix Museum opened in a
Victorian house in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco
and was painted Psychedelic Purple.


Useless fact:  In 2003, a very odd species of frog was found in the Ghat hills in
India - a nose frog from Sahyadra.  It's a shapeless purple blob, 3 inches long with
a pointy snout that lives underground, only surfacing two weeks a year to mate.
(Sounds like the perfect husband to me.)

It's a fact - in a rich setting, purple accessories really add a punch!


  1. Aahhh, what a feast an rest for my tired eyes! Purple is my fetish so I love all these pictures. And on bad days I could totally envision as a shapeless purple blob who only surfaces for a very short while to mate ;)

  2. love all of these purple rooms! what a fun bright color to decorate with.

  3. I think purple is beautiful, but not a fan of decorating with it. These pictures are seems to be very nice in a victorian setting. This was fun! Mary

  4. I love purple and am bringing into my home more and more. I love the last photo purple and torquise what a great combo...

  5. Purple is very pretty in these beautiful settings. I think purple velvet is especially lovely and of course lavender is always wonderful. Love all the pretty pillows. xx

  6. I'm not really a fan of purple, it might be because it's not red and it's not blue, it's a strange mixture of the two...but I do like the photo from AD, it's slightly subdued and the velvet softens the intensity of the colour. Beautiful images though...Sharon x