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January 24, 2013

Humans are such funny creatures, especially those endowed with a
few more 'creative' (i.e., crazy, daring, fearless?!) genes than others.

Often referred to as Type A++ personalities,  I choose to think of them
as ARTs (Adventurous Risk-Takers).  They want more -  more out of
life; more out of themselves; more out of those around them.

And, to quote Dolly Parton, "Honey, 'more' is just gettin' started."

Through the Secret Keyhole


Belclaire House

elle Decor

Not My Beautiful Home

Love-Leigh Muse

The A Estate


Scandinavian Chic


The Better Decorating Bible


Cherry Velvet

House of Anais

House and Home

Southern Living

The Enchanted Home

If you have an ART your life, be thankful.  They might be a bit much
to handle and completely overwhelming at times but you'll never find
anyone more spontaneous, dedicated, or interesting.


  1. These are definitely over the top, but you can truly see the 'personality' in all of these rooms. That wood slab sink is pretty amazing and I do like the green bedroom in the beginning. I like that they don't follow the mainstream. xx

  2. Wow, from strong colour to over the top flamboyance to a couple of rooms that are more my style (rustic)! But, each to his own and if that's what they like, good for them. x