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January 14, 2013

As hard as it is to get started some mornings, don't you feel that Mondays should
be especially productive?   Let's begin the week with a little repurposing.

Here's a floor treatment that gives new meaning to 'keeping the cost down' - tiling
with pennies!  At $1.44 per sq.ft., it's economical and unique.  Oh, and shiny, too.

The Standard Grill in the West Village, NY, is just one of many
trendy restaurants opting for this unconventional flooring.

I've featured several photos of suitcases repurposed into pet beds
in the past but this one is super cute.  Notice the family portraits?!
The clever crafter made the pillow reversible 'cause some
days you feel floral and other days you feel striped, right?

How about making a Feline Tree House for
that special cat in your life?  Start with a
discarded artificial tree from Goodwill.

If you see a dishwasher on the side of the road waiting for
the trash man, stop and take the bottom tray.  It's great for
storing books and can easily slide under the bed.

Keep an eye open for an inexpensive three
drawer cabinet to hold your laundry baskets.

An empty liquor bottle, a little chalk paint . . . .
I don't remember if I told you this story or not but once, when Bob and I
were out to dinner, we waited at the restaurant's bar til our table was ready.
I asked the bartender if they participated in a recycle program for all
the wine and liquor bottles they used.  Surprisingly, he said they didn't.
SO, why not stop by your local (upscale!) bar and ask if they will save
their fancy bottles for you.  Bet they will.

What a great use for old yardsticks.
Love the different shades of stain.

An old file cabinet drawer makes a
charming nightstand and book rack.

Looking to make a personalized gift for that special techie
in your life?  How about computer chip cuff links?

How many items were repurposed
into making this bird house?  Lots!

I hope these ideas inspire you to think of ingenious
 ways to repurpose and reduce waste in our landfills.


  1. That fake tree looks cozy and I like almost all interiors created to make life more interesting for cats. But the fake "tree" part will have to be for the human's benefit. The cat can obviously tell the difference.

  2. Wow . . . from the penny floor to the recycled birdhouse and everything in-between . . . wow, wow, wow!!! I am totally blown away with this post :)
    Thanks you for all of your work in putting this together.
    Oh and if I didn't say it enough, WOW!!!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. Great post! I especially love the drawer turned into a bookcase!

    - Dana