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January 21, 2013

How was your weekend?  Productive, I hope.  My grandmother, Georgia
Hayes Parkhill, had a quote or Bible verse for every occasion.  One she
frequently used on Mondays was, "Inactivity breeds inactivity."   It's true.  

So, what is more productive than Before & After projects?

This kitchen went from plain to spectacular.  Great job!

Challenge:  Transform a nursery into a sophisticated bedroom

Marcus & Dina
What I especially love about this do-over is that by using long
curtain rods, they made the windows appear larger than they are.

Okay, you're right - it's a Monday and maybe I should have started
off with smaller projects instead of entire rooms.  So, here are a few
Befores & Afters that aren't quite so intimidating:

Desk - Before:

Desk - After:
Fab Rehab Creations
The Empire-ish back rail is much more
pronounced and interesting now, isn't it?

That's What She Said
The lamp on the left is a new treatment on the popular turquoise
lamps that are in every decorating magazine.  It started out very
humbly as it's mate on the right will testify.  Love it.

Can you even count the number of times you've seen a 1960s chair
similar to this one languishing in a thrift shop?  A little fabric and a
staple gun completely transformed it and gave it a new life.

(This next project is insane.)

$1 yard sale chairs, before:

 $1 yard sale chairs, after:
A dollar?  Are you kidding me?  So far this is
'The Thriftiest Makeover of the Year'!

What is especially charming about this makeover is the royal blue
paint on the front feet.  I might have used a more colorful pillow
fabric but, still, a nice job.

You can plainly see the thrift store price sticker
on the before photo on the left (50 cents!):
What's great about this type of re-do is
you can go with a cleaner contemporary
approach or make it a little distressed.

We'll wrap up today's post with a bedroom that
went from Motel Stark to Just Plain Wow:

What do I love about this room?  Everything.  The
window treatments are uber fabulous, especially the
panels that cover the entire wall.  So sophisticated.

Monday simply means that we've got a new week to get it right.  Let's get started.


  1. Wow. Great before and afters.

  2. This post is very inspiring! I love the difference a little paint makes to some very ugly things like that lamp - wow! I love the desk redo and the salt and pepper shakers. The rooms are amazing, too! xx

  3. I have come across some of these pictures too lately, in my search for kitchen (and other) make-over ideas. Very inspiring!