April 20, 2015

Update:  I have reached the stage of my indisposition where I feel
as if I might not be singing a solo in the Zombie Choir.

Given my feeble state I'm going to need your help.
Would you pick out the repurposing in today's photos?
I just don't have the energy for commentary.



Etsy Vendor
This isn't just any old drawer being used as a magazine holder.
It's an old drawer from an antique sewing machine cabinet.  Cute.


The next time you're thinking about adding shelving
to your bathroom consider using a drawer instead:


Bolt together wood drawers, add feet - voile! instant book case.

That's it for today, boys and girls.  Taking my juice
and going back to bed.  Thanks for your help today.

April 17, 2015

cough, cough . . . . . hack, hack . . . . .
(sound of blowing my nose) . . . . 

yes, I'm sick.  And not just sick - I have the flu.

How's that possible?  I took the flu shot.  But the doctor told me
that there are several strains that the flu shot doesn't cover.
I'll be back when just blinking doesn't hurt.

April 15, 2015

Oh, those Royals.  They're always starting a trend.

In 1784, Britain's young Prince of Wales (future King George IV) began a clandestine relationship with Maria Anne Fitzherbert, a Catholic widow, whom he was forbidden from seeing, both by law and by his father, King George III.  Nevertheless, he pursued her.

Mrs. Fitzherbert rejected the Prince's advances and left for the Continent in order to escape his ardent attention.  The young prince faked a suicide attempt to show his great despair, they exchanged letters and Mrs. Fitzherbert's heart softened, blah, blah, blah.  She accepted his proposal of marriage then broke it off, more letter were exchanged, another proposal was accepted but instead of sending her an engagement ring he sent her an intimate small portrait of one of his eyes.  

Thus began the Georgian fad of painted eye broaches.

Dubbed Lovers' Eyes, the optical art was often enhanced by a tear
to convey how much the loved one missed their intended.

It became a game in lovers' social circles to guess the identity
of the (often secret) admirer just by the painting of their eye.

Broaches weren't the only settings for the eye portraits - lockets, rings, small
frames and jeweled animal pins were also used to hold the unusual art. 
Because the tiny portraits were often discarded after the affair was
over, finding an authentic Georgian eye broach is near to impossible.
Today most of them reside in private collections or in museums.
It's estimated that less than 1,000 still exist.
Oh, and the Prince and Mrs. Fitzherbert affair?  She returned to England and they secretly married on December 15, 1785, at her London residence.  Shortly after their marriage she commissioned a tiny portrait of her eye as a gift to her new husband.

Sadly, the Prince's father never gave his permission for the lovers to wed so the marriage was considered null and void.  In 1795 the Prince married his cousin, Princess Caroline of Brunswick but the two were completely incompatible.  Following the birth of their only child, Princess Charlotte, they separated and were estranged until their deaths.  Although he had many mistresses the Prince remained attached to Mrs. Fitzherbert the rest of his life.
King George IV and the love of his life, Maria Anne Fitzherbert

Imagine if reality TV had been around during their time!

April 14, 2015

Welcome to:

I Want That Tuesday

What is it?  It's a Tiffany-style paper lamp kit.

 The first step in creating a stain glass lamp shade is to make a template.  

Hang it in the original template stage:

or have a color-the-lamp-shade craft session with the kids:
I'm going to do some investigating to try and find out how to order
one of these Tiffany-style paper lamp kits.  How special it would
be to have a lamp that your children or grandchildren helped create.

If you only want to make the shade, click here
for free stained glass lamp shade patterns.

Wouldn't this make a great gift?  I want one!

April 13, 2015

Today's Repurposeful Monday features some
very clever odds and ends of upcycling.

Brilliant idea for marking your herb garden.

Charming pendants.

A friend made a pendant similar to these using one of her old
watches that no longer worked.  She set the time for 9:05 (the time
her daughter was born) and gave it to her as a birthday gift.

Collect old watches from ladies in your family
and make a one-of-a-kind memento.  

Isn't this a sweet idea?

If you have an empty pocket watch case make
a memory pendant from a happy vacation.

Turn those extra hard bound books into a table stand.

Great idea for using a rolling pin in the kitchen.

Knife handles were repurposed into tablecloth weights.

I adore old luggage - it's so versatile.  The
pieces, above, were covered in wallpaper.

Doll houses were made from old luggage.

Here's a portable jewelry station.

Antique and vintage skis make beautiful wall art.

An old radio makes a charming wine rack.

Legs were added to a renovated chest and now
it provides additional stylish storage.

 The best kind of mounted animal head.

Interesting . . . . but, that's a "No" for me.

Aren't these old tin can and vintage roller skate pets adorable?
I hope that today's unique projects will inspire you
to repurpose every day items in your house.