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April 20, 2015

Update:  I have reached the stage of my indisposition where I feel
as if I might not be singing a solo in the Zombie Choir.

Given my feeble state I'm going to need your help.
Would you pick out the repurposing in today's photos?
I just don't have the energy for commentary.



Etsy Vendor
This isn't just any old drawer being used as a magazine holder.
It's an old drawer from an antique sewing machine cabinet.  Cute.


The next time you're thinking about adding shelving
to your bathroom consider using a drawer instead:


Bolt together wood drawers, add feet - voile! instant book case.

That's it for today, boys and girls.  Taking my juice
and going back to bed.  Thanks for your help today.


  1. awww get better soon.
    I enjoyed all the re-purposing except for the ribbon wrapped toilet paper with green sprigs in it.
    hahahahaha Taking one step to far.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Sounds like you may have progressed to the weak but no longer suffering phase. As long as one can stay in bed I quite enjoy that part, I hope you can too. I like the drawer on the wall side table, might be what I need for the guest room.