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April 29, 2015

It's Wednesday and we all need a good laugh.  Yes, it's another episode of

Lord, what were they thinking?! 

Grandma surprised Jimmy by repurposing grandpa's Crown Royal bags:

The Scorpion King design line?

 "Did you measure twice?" she asked.
"Yes, dear," he replied.
"Measure again," she urged.
"No need," he said.
He should have measured again.

 This antique bed warmer looks too much like
a bed pan for me to use as an accessory.

 This gives new meaning to The Time-Out Chair.

 Giant peacock dive bombing at 10 o'clock.  No sleep for you.

Gosh, that's not creepy at all.  (Yet another
reason why the 70's were so weird.)

 No words.  And that's no pun.
Years from now, after seeing this photo, one of our grandchildren
will blog 'Gosh, that's not creepy at all.  Yet another reason why
the 20-teens were so weird.'

 The perfect gift for a Star Wars fan - a Jabba The Hutt sofa.

Just like half of all doctors graduate in the bottom
half of their class, the same applies to architects:

The Number 1 clue that your apartment building
might have been an old department store.

 And April's NO Residential Design of The Month:
The real estate ad stated home office with a bath.