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January 8, 2014

Fact:  A gallon of paint is the most economical,
effective weapon in your decorating arsenal.

Fact:  Choosing a paint color can be overwhelming.

When I ran across this photo I said, "Maybe painting
the wall with a variety of color samples would be
kind of cool."

Hubby shook his head and said, "Choose one."

So I did what I always do when I have to make a
big decorating decision - I logged onto Pinterest.

For studio..use peacock feather silhouette instead of tree

Guess what I discovered?  Paint doesn't have to be boring or predictable.  Silhouettes and random geometric designs are HUGE now and completely temporary.  If you don't like the dual colors just use the primary color to paint over the design.

Blady różowy na białym tle rozjaśnia i dodaje ciepła. Szczególnie ładne połączenie z ciemniejszym różowym w dalszym pomieszczeniu.
We Heart It

linear and colorful pattern on wall as accent
Jill Crawford

Against a white background these multi-colored
shapes cleverly camouflage a closet door:
Home Design

You can actually make the wall the work of art:
Group Show at Kunsthalle Bern
Contemporary Art Daily

It's amazing that such bold statements can come in such small cans:
wall paint ideas   blue wall painting ideas, room decor with modern accessories in blue color

Using various shades of a specific color scheme
make an interesting and multi-dimensional palette:
great wall paint idea in a simple space

I have died and gone to Mid-Century Modern Credenza Heaven:Wall paint ideas for office.
Room Service Store
The striped wall highlights the balance of this amazing vintage piece.

Children are especially eager to experiment with colors:

Looks as if a tornado tore through
this room - I like it!
large yellow and black graphic design on wall
The Glow

Smart Girls DIY
One wall of a chevron pattern completely changed the character of this
bedroom.  Click here for a quick tutorial on how to paint the pattern.

Wall painting
Not only do the branches of this tree mural add
depth to the wall, they also provide shelf storage.

Kids Bedroom Wall Painting Ideas
Design Like
Blue painters tape is essential if you choose
this multi-colored simple square pattern.

Here's a seemingly simple brush technique that
is probably best done while the paint is very wet:


So, what have we learned today?
Don't be afraid to experiment with paint,
just be sure to finish what you start!
now that's an intriguing wall treatment...
Agent Bauer


  1. I love color and choosing paint for rooms and projects. It is like walking into a candy store. Love your inspiration photos.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

    I am an artist...and I really was inspired.
    I am going to try the brush technique ( :

  3. Terrific post. Very inspirational indeed. Thanks!

  4. Very pretty - love the first one with the tree! xo

  5. Oh my ~ what a difference a little paint can make. That wall with all the colors looks like my watercolor paint chart. Some of the make overs were so clever.

  6. I LOVE the brush technique. It's such a unique idea and give a beautiful touch.

  7. This is cute collection and perfect for those who cannot choose one.

  8. The spouse would kill me if I did any of this, but I love the kids room ideas.

  9. Left to my own devises, I would empty my house and turn it into a wonderland of color blocks. Since that isn't possible, I'm thinking my bathroom would be a good place to start. Then I can find another small wall and apply some paint there. This is pure inspiration.

  10. These are awesome but I like the first one with the color samples best. That is really cool.