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September 13, 2013

Friday is the best F word of all (but Fabulous is a close second!)

Before the celebration begins let's take a moment to reflect on the
merits of thrift and the satisfaction received from transforming
something you have into something you want.

                   Before                                                         After
You may have inherited the chair on the left but
you might want it to become the one on the right.

Your kitchen may resemble the first one but
who wouldn't want it to become the second?

And how about this den?
 Before                                                                                  After

It's Overflowing

It's almost impossible to believe that this kitchen went from 'cluttered normal':

to 'sleek sophistication':
Apartment Therapy

You don't have to settle for the shelf unit on
the left when you want the one on the right:

Commercial look  vs  Cottage look:
                   Before                                                            After

Little House in the Big D

If you have on socks you'd better hang on to
them 'cause this re-do is going to blow them off:

Facelift Furniture
Wish I had a nickel for every dresser like the 'before'
I've seen at a thrift shop.  Who knew it could be so cute?

Need a mudroom but you think there's just no space?  Think again!

Apartment Therapy

There are many subjects I hold sacred and not messing with
Mid-Century Modern pieces is one of them.  But, this next
transformation has me rethinking my leave-it-in-its-original-
condition attitude:

Apartment Therapy
Love it!

Maybe you're looking for some inspiration for a
small weekend project.  Here are a few great ideas:

Little Yellow Barn
Paint, a stencil and a brush quickly turned a
little stool into a darling contemporary seat.

This lamp went from thrift stop blah to beach retreat chic:


Possibly The Sweetest Blogger on the 'net is Diana of Nana Diana Takes a Break.  Not only is she always 110% encouraging and uplifting, she's the Spray Paint Queen of the North.  Look what she did with a vintage phone destined for her granddaughter's French themed bedroom:

Nana Diana Takes a Break
I love that she wrote Paris on the dial face.   Adorable!

Even if it is Friday the 13th go out and make it a great weekend.  Just be careful!


  1. That chair is fantastic and I like the sideboard with the blocks of colours on the drawers. It is interesting how much better many items look when painted white. I love Diana's phone!

  2. Such great before and after photos - gives us hope for the world of all things pretty!

  3. I actually love Monday...because my life is so darn good! And I love your inspirational photos!