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September 4, 2013

As Monday was Labor Day and I lollygagged yesterday, guess
we'd better get back on schedule with some Repurposing today.

And what greater usefulness can we receive than from
repurposed space?

A dormer window is the perfect spot for a charming reading nook.

I'm completely entranced by closets that have been repurposed.  Last year
I posted this photo and keep coming back to it for inspiration.  The painted
wood paneling adds an architectural interest to the room.

Metropolitan Home via Elle Decor
A closet was 'removed' and a display area was created.  Beautiful.

Boho Market Blog
A foyer closet was converted into seating with storage.  A faux
window was created with ingenious lighting and a valance.

'Removing' a foyer closet completely changed the tone of this house.
The gold mirror is an exquisite touch as are the wall mounted candles.

NY Mag
While this closet space conversion is slightly claustrophobic,
wanted you to see the overhead lighting screen which added a
custom touch.

Jenny Ann Wheeler
An incredible amount of crafting space was organized into one closet.

Christina Brodbeck
Sometimes just removing the closet doors
gives a room a feeling of expanded space.

Handmade Charlotte
Little folks would enjoy a closet conversion, too.

High Market Street blog
And who doesn't want some elegant
privacy when having a diaper change?!

Have a bedroom that's rather boxy and boring?  Frame in the
end of the room, build a platform with storage underneath
and, voila, instant charm.

That same principal was applied in this gorgeous French country cabin:
Hydrangea Hill Cottage
Instead of framing in a nook it was simply partitioned off
with toile curtains.  The matching wallpaper also helps to
delineate the space from the rest of the room.

Who says a pantry can't also be a retreat?
Don't have a mud room but want one?  Create one!

Think an area of the house is too small to be functional?  Think again.

Slim Paley

I hope today's post will give you some ideas on converting
spaces in your home for other uses.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I wish I had an extra closet to create one of those fun spaces.

    1. Me, too! I keep looking around, wondering where I would 'store' the junk (treasures!) in one of the closets if I converted it into a nook. Unfortunately, there's no space left under the beds! -- Jan

  2. I love all the reading nooks, but I think the boxed in beds are just perfect, I am going to have to Pin those!

    1. Isn't the mini-mud room closet brilliant?! -- Jan