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July 29, 2013

Yawn . . . . stttrrretch . . . . blink, blink . . . . focus . . . . good morning, Monday.

Let's start the week with some ingenious Repurposing!

Made by Isa
A while back I posted a picture of a washing machine drum
that had been repurposed into a fire pit.  This idea is even cuter.

Looking for some inexpensive and unique wall art?

Better After

Need a nifty nautical curtain rod?
Country Living

The next time you pack
a picnic lunch, put it in
a vintage suitcase.  The
suitcase can then be used
as a picnic table.

I'm surprised a wine company hasn't published a
book entitled 1000 Ways to Reuse Wine Corks!

If you have tea cups with missing saucers use them as bird feeders:
The Snyders

Doodle Craft
It's always fun to find new ways to
turn a tea pot and cups into a lamp.

Another charming use of an antique sewing machine base.

Lovely Undergrad
Vintage metal milk crates are still fairly common and
affordable.  And perfect for upcycling into a stool.

Llama's Mama
Clever uses of old car tags are so much fun.

Turning a pair of lockers on their side provides even more
usable storage space and still maintains an Industrial Chic look.

Home Talk
If you're ever looking for wood to make a
sign, consider using a thrift store headboard.

A vintage television that doesn't work can still be
of use.  Makes a dashing liquor cabinet, doesn't it?

What's better than a good repurposing idea?
A Before & After Repurposing:

Better After
Sometimes an antique dresser is just too damaged to salvage.  This one
was in very sad condition but it was transformed into a beautiful bench.

Worried about how much I have to get done this week, I just don't
know where to start.  Think I'll go hang out at Pinterest for a while.

Have a great Monday!


  1. So many good ideas. The liquor cabinet looks very elegant. Years ago my father in law used and old washing machine drum as a planter in the garden. We all thought he was nuts for keeping some old junk, but I guess he was ahead of the times.

  2. Very,very nice ideas...I`m glad to join your blog:))))

  3. These are great ideas....I am amazed how people think of these things!

  4. I loved every clever idea !!!That old TV, is wonderful. I like the washer drum, gee how very smart people can be. xoxo,Susie