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October 14, 2011

The Word for Today - BeachChic !!!

What do you love
most about being at
the beach?  The sun,
the sand, the laid back lifestyle? 

Beach decor intrigues me.  There's a lot of psychology involved
in decorating a beach  
retreat - it must be  inviting, casual, and unrelentingly cheerful.  Escapism.  A perpetual vacation.  Above all, relaxing . . . . . . .


Beach accessories are lots of fun -
who doesn't love sea shells?!


Sea shells and votives - how much simpler can you get?!

Are you noticing a theme?  Beach decor involves a LOT of white, blue, slipcovers, and old stuff!  My kind of decorating!

Beach 'before and after' photos are especially interesting.  Here are pictures of a home on Cat Island, S.C., just outside of Beaufort.  (LOVE that name.
I wonder if there are a lot
of cats there!)

The addition and transformation are amazing.

Well, my man is rustling around, making 'let's go out and explore' noises.  Must go but will definitely be on the lookout for driftwood, shells, and anything old! 

Images:  Castles, Crowns & Cottages; Country Living; HGTV; A Beach Cottage

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