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November 29, 2012

How many times have you seen clever holiday craft ideas the week before
Christmas and were just too busy to make them?  You probably thought,
"Maybe next year."

Guess what?  It's next year!   

Love, love, love these simple woodland Santas.  

Save big buck$ by making your own
Santa hat and candy cane topiary.

Not too long ago I found an XXL shirt with green buttons
for $1 at my favorite thrift shop.  SO much cheaper than buying
buttons at the craft store and the shirt makes a great paint smock.

If you don't have an empty frame this big,
use a smaller frame or even a mirror.

Make your own charming Mason jar snow globes.

Put those wine corks you've been
saving all year to good craft use:
Large initials make a thoughtful personal gift.

Even though it's only mid-week, organize the supplies
you'll need for the children to make a few of these darling
Christmas craft ideas this weekend:

Ornaments such as this one remind me
that glue guns make great gifts, too.

How cute is this painted Styrofoam cup tree?
If you're not proficient at painting circles,
just use round stickers.

Repurpose spools into clever ornaments.

Thinking ahead to teacher gifts?  The children
will enjoy making these easy candy cane mice.

Keep your little ones' hands busy this season
with popsicle sticks, buttons, felt and glue.

One of the best sources for inexpensive craft supplies is your
local Dollar Tree.  Don't overlook notions at
garage and yard sales, either.  Get busy!


  1. There are some wonderful ideas here, thank you for sharing :) The wood Santa's are too cute - I might have to do that with my son. Have a lovely day!


  2. These are adorable! I love the button trees and do it yourself snow globes! Thank you for sharing and giving us little tips (thrift store shirt for buttons- great idea!) xx

  3. I pinned this - loved everything. sandie

  4. Jan! hello! ok i love those button ornaments and ...i have a ton of old buttons. guess what i'll be making - whayhoo!

  5. Button trees were just great! What a clever idea.