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July 23, 2012

And we think we have it rough picking
out something to wear on Mondays. . . . . .

Don't these 19th Century corsets look like torture devices?!

Mankind made many advancements during the Industrial Revolution.
Unfortunately, comfortable undergarments weren't one of them.

Couture Courtesan is one of the most interesting blogs I've visited
in quite a while.  Hosted by Samantha, an incredibly talented young
costume reconstructionist, the site features her adventures in reproducing
historic clothing.  Please take a moment to stop by her site and enjoy the
beautiful and incredibly detailed costumes she's created. 


  1. You can understand why the women didn't eat a great deal, and why they swooned frequently. You can also see why designs like this became outer wear in a modified form. They may have been torture to wear, but some were also incredibly pretty, the 18th century stays, for example.
    I will pay Couture Courtesan a visit.

  2. I just can't imagine wearing one of those, I don't even like bras! What torture! x

  3. The first time my mother presented me with a 'trainer' bra (why do you have to train them?!), she said I told her, "I don't need a halter." I've always been kind of mulish! hee, hee

  4. Those corsets look crippling and you wonder how they would have coped in this scorching weather we have here at the moment. They are very pretty though.
    Patricia x