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May 19, 2012

Design Fail

Feline Feelin' a little catty today so we're going to play a new game - Design Fail:

             Fact:  beautiful room, great tones, textures and colors
             Fail:   What's that gaping space in the middle?  I have a problem with a scheme
                        that pushes all of the furniture up against the walls.  
             Grade:  C-

                    Fact:   interesting furniture; love the rug                    
                    Fail:     We all adore our children and grandchildren but
                                larger-than-life murals are distracting and creepy.
                    Grade:  D

               Fact:  gorgeous floor and ceiling, awesome view, cool Mid-century furnishings
               Fail:   Is the doctor in?  The 'waiting room effect' makes me gnash my teeth.
               Grade:  C

                          Fact:  darling pillows
                          Fail:   isn't it obvious?  I love stripes, just not obnoxious stripes - 
                                    TURN  THE  RIGHT  CUSHION  OVER,  PLEASE!
                          Grade:  D 

    Fact:  beautiful structural pieces and another lovely rug
    Fail:   Encouraging your children to paint and draw on furniture is a hideous idea.
    Grade:  F 

                            Fact:  charming curved staircase
                            Fail:   Seriously?
                            Grade:  F   

   Fact:     Mid-century modern is uber cool.  
   Fail:      The mural panels are overwhelming - no balance here.
   Grade:  C-  

                         Fact:  AD rarely fails
                         Fail:  Are the books and flowers levitating?  Your guests will bruise their
                                  shins on the invisible glass table.
                         Grade:  B-

           Fact:  the coffered ceiling is amazing
           Fail:  All of the furniture must go except for the little side table (is that rug a remnant?)
           Grade:  B- (for boring)

                                 Fact:  Designer Charles Spada rarely misses.
                                     Fail:  The chair is fab but the bookcases are too green, too monochromatic.
                                     Grade:  C- 

                Fact:  The floor and furnishings are spectacular.
                   Fail:   Please go rug shopping.
                   Grade:  B-

                         Fact:  beautiful palate
                            Fail:   Is it me or are the proportions off?  I'm not diggin' the sofa.
                            Grade:  B 

                       Fact:  the antique settee is incredible
                          Fail:   The 'painting' above it makes me glum and what's with that lamp?
                          Grade:  B- 

          Fact:  amazing room
          Fail:   The rug is too small; off-scale to the dimensions
          Grade:  B+  (I really do love this room)

Though catty and critical of today's rooms, I hope this post conveys the importance of spacial relationships, color, and personalized decor in all designs.   

Today's thank-you photo credits:  The Sweetest Digsshe moves the furniture

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  1. Well girl, you made me laugh again. Thanks for the chuckles. Your eye for style is dead on. I'm thankful I can't hear you when (if) you look at my stuff!