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December 9, 2014

While it might not seem imaginative or personal, older children and teens like to receive cash or gift cards for Christmas.  It gives them the freedom to choose what they want and also makes them feel a little empowered to have some pesos in their pockets.

But instead of putting money in a greeting card
consider some of today's creative options.

Pepperoni quarters add a fun touch to a money pizza.


Here's a fun game - Name the Presidents!

Be sure the bills are crispy.

If you decide to use this little trick
just forward the chocolate to me. 

Include a recipe for making gingerbread men with this dough:

Clever way to conceal a gift card. 

This charming set of Martha Stewart mixing bowls is available for
$30 at Macy's.  Include a favorite recipe and a little dough!


Adorable idea:
 Find an old Monopoly game at a thrift store
and use the board to make a gift box.

 At Origami Instructions you can find a tutorial
on how to make this beautiful star:

And there are a jillion tutorials online
for making origami butterflies:

I like the idea of a handmade Christmas card:

If none of these ideas strike your fancy then go to the toy
department at Walmart and pick up a can of Play Doh for $1:



  1. There are some brilliant ideas here! Thank you ...

  2. Butterfly gets my top pick. So fun.

    Happy Christmas.

  3. Money French fries and money Pizza are wonderful.

  4. So much fun !
    Perfect !

    cheers, parsnip

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