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December 15, 2014

Good morning!  Although holidays can be insanely hectic, sticking to a schedule helps calm the madness.  And at fleaChic Mondays are all about Repurposing:  

Turn a plastic or plaster ceiling medallion into a holiday wreath. 

Lowes offers medallions from $10 up to $300.

 Paint the medallion with a primary color then
dab an accent color on the raised relief:

Elegant repurposing!

 How precious is a pinecone garland?  Very!

Pringles containers covered in Christmas paper are perfect for
gifting cookies or for taking a dozen to a cookie swap. 

 Don't toss out those old Christmas balls you no longer
use.  Spray paint them white and add a little face.  

It's fun to repurpose costume jewelry as special
ornaments on holiday packages:

 I've certainly posted a lot of origami creations lately,
haven't I? This little stack of stars is so sweet:

 Leave it to Martha Stewart's staff to create
an adorable repurposed tablescape:

Paint toy plastic animals with glue
then sprinkle glitter on them.

These clever place cards were made by gluing two twigs together,
placing the card in between and adding a touch of greenery.

 What a charming use of small pieces of driftwood.
(Deep sigh) . . . . . . I miss the beach.

Here's a clever idea for a new family tradition:
Instead of using name gift tags on presents, use a
photograph of the giver and the givee together.

 If ornaments break don't throw them away.  Add knobs,
fuses, and sprockets to create Steam Punk decorations:

 Seriously, is there anything you can't make out of a pallet?!

Yup, I posted this photo a couple of years ago but it
still strikes something nostalgicly country in my soul.

Take the clay pots out of the garden shed, brush
them off, and use them to make pinecone topiary.
The second one from the right is decorated with a
Xerox copy of a Christmas carol - ingenious!

 Here's another photo I've posted in the past but it's just so
darned cute that I have to re-post it every Christmas.

And from the tech world . . . . . .  

Most of us have an old computer tower out in the garage
or in the back of a closet.  Once you've transferred the
data from it that you want to keep, take it apart.  Better
yet, have an 8-10 year old take it apart!

The simplest combinations often make the most elegant decorations:

Love the tumbleweed snowmen.
The Texas Tourism Board at work!
Have a great Monday, friends.


  1. The sewing cotton reel wreath was a real delight, I would love that in my craft room. Worth making a note of it for next year, I love it.

  2. So many wonderful ideas to look at !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I liked the idea of adding an old broach to a special parcel... very clever! Jx

  4. So many wonderful ideas and one funny one!
    (if I lived in Texas, I'd have "snowmen")

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