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December 31, 2014

After much serious thought I've decided to dedicate the last post of the year to:
(drum roll, please)


These windows make me dizzy.

3 words:  fire your contractor

 I can't tell if these steps are going up or coming down!

 Mad Cow disease?

 Creepy chair

 Hanging staircase?  You go first!

Moral:  always get references before hiring a brick layer

 Life is crazy enough without having to live with this style!

 This proves why Bohemian Chic isn't catching on.

 Is this a house or a terrarium?

 Even Pottery Barn doesn't make bird nest sheets.

 Disco bedroom, anyone?  Or is this
the movie Tron come to life?

Um . . . .  there are no words.

And, ladies, you don't have to prove how much you love
your man by allowing him to have a bat cave.  Period.

Friends, I hope you got a laugh out of today's post.  Please know that I truly appreciate your spending a moment of your day at fleaChic and hope you have a very Happy New Year!

P.S. Still haven't resolved the 'comments' problem.  I read your messages, I just can't reply to them.  My New Years Resolution?  Get the Comments Issue resolved once and for all!


  1. These are so funny! Thanks for a fun way to start my day. I will remember these and probably chuckle all day.

    1. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and ask, "What we're they thinking?!" Have a safe and fun New Year's Eve!

  2. Such a great sense of humor! A second calling perhaps?
    Happy New Year, friend! I've thoroughly enjoyed your posts!

    1. Thanks for stopping by - I think my comment issues are resolved! Happy New Year!

  3. I'm feeling a little dizzy and sick....what a way to end the year...HaHa...thanks. Think I'll go take an aspirin.

  4. Wow. Some of these are, as my mother used to say, a cry for help. Happy New Year!

  5. This was a great end of the year post!
    I'm looking forward to the coming year and what you come up with.
    Happy New Year!

  6. So supper funny, great choice for a last post !
    I rather liked the Bird Nest bed.

    Happy New Year
    cheers, parsnip

  7. Oh dear, that's all I can say, oh dear.
    Happy New Year.


  8. I agree with your critique except for the red brick work. Whoever did that is a master mason with amazing skills! Kind of wall I could just stand and look at for awhile. thanks for the great post! Happy New Year!

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