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December 12, 2014


What better way to end the week than
by viewing incredible Before & After projects?

But not just any projects - treasures specifically
found at flea markets and thrift shops!

 A pair of commercial pairs looked as if
they were ready for the trash heap:

Very chic!

Note:  over the years I've posted close to 20,000 photos so you might
notice a few repeats today.  If you do, you've got a great memory!

Most of us would have walked right by the chair on the left:
But we would have missed out on its potential, right.

 This flea market find was officially Pitiful:

A yard of fabric and white enamel spray
paint extended this chair's useful life.

Isn't it wonderful that the right person found this chair?

Successful Adoption!

 I only have two words for this unbelievable upholstery job:

Shut up!
(Actually 3 words:  I want it.)

It took vision to to recognize the hidden
beauty underneath the layers of paint: 

Mid-Century Modern marvel!

A cute little ottoman went from casual:

 to sophisticated:

Here's another adorable ottoman transformation:

I love that the 'feet' were painted black.

 It's hard to believe what this dresser turned into:

Stunning results.
Yellow is such a cheerful color, isn't it?

This pair of lantern light fixtures were found at Goodwill:
Perfect centerpiece lighting for holiday dinners.

Do you have a lamp base that needs to be refreshed?
What makes the metallic look additionally adorable
is that the owner spray-painted the sea shell, too.
 Even the most serene color scheme needs a little sparkle.

Unfortunately, most of our decorating budgets are dedicated to the interior of our homes.  That doesn't leave much dinero for the porches and patios: 

Check out local thrift shops and flea markets.  You'll be
amazed at the exterior bargains just waiting to be discovered.

Regardless of where you find a dining table chair, you'll pay
less if there's just one available.  Why?  Because most people
want a pair of chairs - so seek out those singles.

Paint and stencils are amazing things!

How many times have I harped, "There's an abundance of old entertainment
centers languishing at thrift shops just waiting to be transformed"?

 Before & After:

Before & After, View 2:


A plastic play kitchen just isn't as sturdy as
one made from an entertainment center:

Imagine the hours of fun spent cooking in this kitchen.

And every little princess needs a costume closet:
Can a princess ever have enough drawers for her
accessories?  Crowns, magic wands, slippers, etc.

Now, friends, prepare to be amazed:

Told you so - amazing!

I'm going to close today's post with a project
that is near and dear to my heart.

Because hubby and I have renovated lots of bathrooms during our years of rental house(s) ownership, we appreciate the satisfaction of a 'loo' renovation done right:

Bravo.  Well done.

I hope that you enjoyed today's before & after projects.  Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Yes, I did enjoy this post today !
    Have a great weekend.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Your before and afters never cease to amaze. Inspirational as always.

  3. Amazing transformations. Thanks for sharing.
    Love the single dining room chair.

  4. Awesome makeovers!! love them :)'

  5. Once again you have knocked it out of the ballpark Ms Jan! Lots of inspiration and ideas here......

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