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December 4, 2014

Let's admit it - we all want to give an unusual,
clever gift that causes everyone to ooh and aah .

Today's gift suggestions just might get that response
and they're all ridiculously affordable.

Stainless Steel Soap - what?!
This item is a Must Have for any cook.  It removes onion and garlic odors from your hands and it's priced at only $7.99!  Click here for details.

Swivel Travel Holder - $13.99
Are you looking for a gift for a person who drives a lot in their job?  Fast food fanatics will love this practical gadget.  Click here for ordering info.

A Pair of Soup & Cracker Mugs for $12.99
These handy little mugs can hold soup and crackers, milk and cookies, salsa and chips - the possibilities are endless and delicious.

A toothbrush caddy - $25
We all brush our teeth and we all have concerns for hygiene.  If I don't get one of these for Christmas, I'm going to buy it myself!

Have a pendant made that highlights a city that
is special to the person on your list:
You can order one here or, better yet, make your own and save $25!

Is there a new parent on your gift-giving list?
Strollers should come equipped with these organizers.  Genius idea!

Kangaroo Water Bottle - $12.99
This water bottle is a must have for the athlete in your life.   Not only does it hold 24 ounces, it has a storage compartment for bills, cards, and keys.

The perfect gift for everyone who has a cell phone:
Cell Phone Pheet!!!! Priced at $5, these accessories will have everyone laughing but wanting a pair.  They even come in little shoe boxes!  Click here for ordering details.  What a terrific stocking stuffer, especially for teens.

Do any of today's featured gift ideas strike your fancy?
You have to admit - they're clever, practical, AND affordable.


  1. Replies
    1. Aren't those cell phone 'feet' adorable? Would make great stocking stuffers.

  2. There are some great the phone pheet!

    1. I love them, too. SUCH a cute idea. And only $5!

  3. Well, friends, I've solved my comment/reply problem! Actually, my daughter solved it for me! Aren't kids great to have around?! Thanks for your patience.

  4. All of them. Will be a long list for Santa this year. Just when I couldn't think of anything I wanted!

  5. All of these are terrific !

    cheers, parsnip

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