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December 8, 2014

Do weekends get shorter as Christmas gets closer?!
Definitely more than a coincidence if you ask me. 

My great-grandmother had a major chore for every day of the week and Mondays were laundry days.  As a young mother of 6 children that meant putting clothes and linens in boiling water, scrubbing them on a wash board with lye soap, wringing out each item and then hanging everything on an outdoor clothes line.

Posting a Repurposeful Monday seems quite insignificant
in comparison but it does keep me occupied.

Let's look in our pantries for some organic ornament inspiration.

How adorable are these delicious smelling cinnamon sticks?

And what are more organic than apples?

Making a garland of dried applies is shockingly easy:
1.  cut apples horizontally (that means not vertically) into very thin slices
2.  dry the slices on parchment paper in a 'cool' oven set on 150°
(for a looooong time, i.e., about 10 hours)
3.  string with jute and you're done

If we're putting apples to work we probably should also use oranges:
Cut slits around an orange, allow it to air dry for
several days and then pack it with whole cloves.  

I'm feelin' kind of citrus-y so here's a lemony centerpiece:
Bet your neighbors wouldn't mind at all
if you picked pinecones up off their yard.

While you're outside pick up a few twigs, too:
Simple and sweet.

Instead of making a light fixture I'd make a few of
these twig balls in various sizes and build a topiary.

Do you have an old clay flower pot, a bag of Plaster of Paris,
a dowel, some jute and an old book lying around the house?
Perfect!  You have everything you'll need to make this
adorable 'leaf' tree.  Click here for the easy tutorial.

A spool of copper wire is quite affordable at home improvement
mega-stores (you know that I mean Lowes and Home Depot):
Here's just one of hundreds of online wire wrapping tutorials.
Put your costume jewelry odds and ends to creative use.

Did you cast a side-eye when I told you that
copper jewelry wire is quite inexpensive?
Well, this 25 ft. roll of 18-gauge copper wire
is available at Home Depot for only $4.98!

As long as we're in the home improvement department
check out these ingenious tile coasters:
A slate tile, a stencil, and enamel craft paint are all you need to make these
holiday classics.  Oh, and put some of those felt stickers on the bottom.

Looking for an industrial DIY ornament?

The disks that were used to make these ornaments were cut from a
sheet of 1/8" wood.  Maybe you could use wooden buttons instead?

Gonna' close today's post with the cutest re-use
of pinecones and nuts I've seen in a while: 

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you
enjoyed today's repurposed items.


  1. Inspirational, I love some of the ornaments, a real delight. I wish I had more time to try some out, maybe next year!

    1. I've thought about posting Christmas craft ideas in July - seriously! Haha. I've read about neighborhood clubs where the members meet once a month and make holiday crafts year 'round. Sounds like a good idea to me.

  2. What a fantastic collection of ideas! I love each one and everyone of them. And yes weekends do get shorter as we get closer to Christmas especially when we are making many of our gifts this year. We had all year to make them and of course we've waited til the last minute ha!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. Nothing like 'the last minute' for motivation! Just taking the time to make gifts is one of the greatest honors you can bestow on anyone.

  3. Wonderful !
    Love the little industrial tree ornaments and the paper tree ! I am going to try and make both of them.
    I had a wooden tree made for me this year and it came out fabulous. It can be flat against a wall or fan out. It is almost 6 feet tall.
    Not sure where I am going to put it.
    When I worked for Hallmark we always designed and made the Christmas cards and decorations in the summer. If you know how muggy and hot the summers are in Kansas City it sure is very weird.
    I usually start my card in the hot summer months. And some hand made gifts.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Love the money Pizza and other money gifts. Also the mice are adorable!

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