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December 19, 2014

Welcome to another Before & After Friday.  Today we're going
to view some mantels that were given a holiday makeover.

Let's start with a den renovation with a Ski Lodge motif:

Here are photos of a rock mantel from the last two years.
Before - Christmas 2012

After - Christmas 2013
Which do you prefer?

For those who don't have a fireplace - 


Create a beautiful faux fireplace!

An elegant mantel is even more elegant during the holidays:

This mantel was given a white-wash paint treatment:


If you're going to renovate a room, don't forget the fireplace:
Before (painfully plain)

After (Stunning!)
Before (sad but has tons of potential)

After - gorgeous!

This plain fireplace was bricked up a long time
ago but it's still a charming architectural asset: 
Before                                                    After 

The fireplace was almost lost in this great
room and it was competing with the TV:

Much better.

A dated fireplace and mantel were given a special holiday re-do:

This fireplace and mantel lacked, well, drama:


Proof that the smallest tree can command the largest attention:

Just a few red decorations bring attention to an other-wise 'normal' bookcase:
Cute idea!

Don't most of us struggle when it comes to finding an organized
place to store Christmas decorations?  This couple turned their
unused attic space into a Holiday Haven:

Sheer genius.

For most of us the holidays are a crazy time, right?  Imagine renovating a
Mid-Century Modern raised rancher and moving in at Christmas:

Gorgeous floors and look how the windows pop with
the new paint.  I'm crushin' on that fab coffee table.

Bye-bye velvet wallpaper:

Fantastic renovation.

Even though it's the last weekend before Christmas it's not too late to "plan your shopping and shop your plan."  Be thrifty, my friends!


  1. Ooh..I like the bookcase in the fireplace. What a simple but effective idea. Jx

  2. I agree with you, except for one redo.
    Well, make that two!

  3. I like your advise of being thrifty. It helps save some money and saves the earth too.

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