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December 1, 2014

What's more clever than giving a repurposed Christmas gift?
Pick up a few wine glasses at the Dollar Tree or at a thrift shop,
paint snowman faces and add votive candles.  De-light-ful!

We've all got jeans that we no longer wear.
Turn the pockets into ornaments or gift card holders.  Grandma and grandpa would love to receive a pair of these made from their grandchildren's old jeans.

Turn a vintage tea cup and saucer into a timeless bird feeder:
Here's the sweet part: find a loved one's china pattern or use a chipped cup and saucer that they might have, Super Glue the set and attach a hanging cord.
Don't forget to include a bag of bird seed.

Repurpose vintage cups and saucers to grow herbs:

Thrift shops often sell saucers without cups for as little as 25¢ and they usually sell short glass candle holders, too.  Spray paint a candle holder and super glue a saucer to it.  These can be used as jewelry catch-alls as well as platforms for large candles.

Turn a copy of a loved one's favorite
cook book into a utensil holder:
Tear out the pages then make a box out of cardboard to fit between the covers.  Adhere a measurement chart to the side then glue the book covers onto the box.

Construct a wall clock using pieces from
a loved one's favorite game:

If you know someone who is planning a trip or has been on a trip
this year make a set of customized coasters of their travels.
Click here to view a tutorial video on how to make tile coasters.

How clever to turn someone's favorite piece
of sheet music into a set of coasters.

Make a ring holder out of a high heel:
Click here for the easy tutorial.

Miniature liquor bottle salt and pepper shakers!
If someone in your life prefers a specific libation, buy miniature bottles of their favorite drink, save the liquid, wash and dry the bottles leaving the labels intact, punch small holes in the tops, and fill with salt and pepper.  Whatever you do with the saved liquor is your business!

Repurpose a sweater or jacket into an adorable fox
scarf.  Click here for the instructions and pattern.

Turn an unused sweater into this adorable beanie:
The easy instructions and photos can be found here.

Repurpose a Winter scarf into a . . . . . scarf?!
Actually, you can upgrade a "regular" knit scarf into a sophisticated infinity scarf.  Click here for the simple steps.

If someone on your gift list is a knitter or crafter,
why not make them a customized craft basket?
Picnic baskets and vintage suitcases are
ideal for creating craft carriers.



If you have old photos and memorabilia of your ancestors
make copies of them and create an heirloom collage.

Do you have a close friend or family
member who has inherited a quilt?
Why not duplicate a portion of the quilt's pattern and make a piece of wall art for them?  It's surprisingly simple to make and it can be hung indoors or outside.  Click here for the easy instructions.

Do you have vintage family linens?  If there's a new baby girl in the
family you might consider making her a very special bonnet:
Click here for the tutorial.  Adorable!

How 'bout making a manly bib for the
newest baby boy in the family:
Use one of the new father's shirts or one of their grandfather's
shirts to make this adorable and useful gift.

Or turn a shirt into an apron:

Here's another apron option:

When baby girl outgrows her first pair of shoes place them in a beautiful frame and include a plague with her name or date.  Such a sweet keepsake.

Repurpose an outdoor lantern into a one-of-a-kind photo display:


Add special bling to craft shop alphabet
letters with old costume jewelry.

Or create a custom broach from old family trinkets.

Do you have a friend who takes off her wedding
ring when she showers, puts on makeup, etc?
Use a small picture frame to create a
beautiful ring holder for her bathroom.

Costume jewelry doesn't have to be vintage or
even old to be turned into glamorous magnets.

Thinking of giving a princess costume to a special Little Lady?
Go all out and make her a wardrobe for her outfits.  Start with a
thrift shop television cabinet and don't forget the small coat
hangers.  Those hooks are a great idea for hanging accessories.

Cyber Monday Warning

 Online shops are offering enticing bargains today but shop wisely.
David Barton of UHY Advisors recently issued 3 online shopping warnings:

1)  Your email inbox will be stuffed with discount offers with extra savings if you use coupon codes.  DO  NOT  CLICK on their coupons.  Many of them are spam and are not valid.  Instead go to the retail site directly and manually enter the code.

2)  Investigate the site's certified security icon, especially if this is your first time shopping on the site.

3)  Do not use a debit card.  Use PayPal or a credit card if possible.  If there is a breach of security and you've used your debit card then your bank account can be wiped out.

Last year over $1 Billion was stolen from
customers' accounts due to online retail hacking.  
As always:  plan your shopping and shop your plan!


  1. Great post. Thanks for the warning too.

  2. You live by the best flea market shops.
    I took two of my favorite small Japanese spice bottles and turned the into salt and pepper bottles.
    I smile every time I see them. I really like the small Japanese Sake ones.
    At one of my favorite grocery shops check out counters they have a basket of those small bottles with some of the most fabulous shaped bottles in them.
    Thanks for the warning !
    I have finished what little shopping I had to do. So I am so happy.
    Need to finish my Christmas card though and get it to the printer.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Some great makes, I love the vintage suitcases and picnic baskets as craft baskets, amazing.

  4. wow! thats a lot of neat ideas! I cant wait to have a couple days of crafty "cause I wanna days"! lol!
    have a great week

  5. So many great ideas! Love the dresser for the play clothes the best. So cute for a little girl's room.

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