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December 3, 2014

Groan . . . . . . it's another Panic Shopping Syndrome Wednesday?
Great news - today is the last one, I promise.

We've made it through the temptations of Black Friday and Cyber Monday and are in the home stretch to the 25th.

Am I going to give up on the economics of thrifty gift giving?  As if! I have plenty of affordable and clever gift ideas up my sleeve.  Today's are brilliant:

Why not make your Christmas gifts truly personal?

Is there a couple on your gift list celebrating
their first Christmas as husband and wife?
For less than $30 Mercer Street Studios will create a frame-able 8"x10", 9"x11", or a 16"x20" print with last names and a wedding date.  Such a memorable gift!

Look in your phone book or search Google Maps for the street names of family members or friends, go photograph them, print and frame.  Genius!

Maybe someone close to you bought a home or moved this year:
Check out your local copier centers for printing larger than legal-sized files you create.  Burlap-looking paper can be found at large craft stores and matted frames can be purchased at discount department stores quite inexpensively.

You could pay $100 (not!) for one of these adorable personalized prints or you could make your own.  Why not give the parents one for each of their children?

Do you know someone who's been to London this year?
This sign of framed letters, cut out of a British travel brochure, is priced online for $175 - yikes.  Bet you could make one for a lot less!  Of course a sign like this could be made for New Orleans, New York City, or any destination.

A plea for help:

After over 4 years of blogging on fleaChic I have messed up Big Time - I can't reply to comments and I can't leave comments on other blogs.  I've gone into my Advanced Settings and have fiddled with the Comments section but I can't fix the problem.  If you have ANY suggestions or hints, please leave a comment.  Once I'm able, I'll reply!


  1. Another amazing post, some great ideas for newly weds perfect for my daughter.

  2. I am no help. When I have trouble I call my son in Japan, he log into my computer and fixes it.
    I would call up the help line of computer or program you have.
    Screaming in the shower doesn't really help but you feel better.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. I wish that I could help you but I am not really tech savy.
    Hope that you had fun on Thanks giving Day.