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December 17, 2014

Do you have fabric scraps and notions lying about?

These felt and fabric Father Christmas pin cushions
would make an adorable gift for any crafter.

My brain almost exploded when I ran across
this photo of tea cup pin cushions:
Which one is your favorite?  

Then, I found these:

Then these two:

And what do we always find at flea markets and thrift shops?
Let's say it together:  tea cups and saucers!

Definitely my nomination for Clever Craft of the Year.  Ahhhhh-dorable!

Holiday wall hangings require surprisingly
little fabric.  Notice the tree 'skirts'?!

If you can tie a knot then you can make this scrap wreath.  Even
though you might not need it, click here for the tutorial.

Take a look at these adorable potpourri sachets.


Eeeek!  How precious!

Pieces of poster board curved into cones and covered
in fabric and trim make sophisticated decorations:

Aren't these two of the cutest table runners you've ever seen?
   Link       Link

Fabric scraps are also great for creating holiday tea towels.

Which do you prefer - a little mug rug or a place mat?

Silhouettes of most dog breeds can be found online.
Click here for hundreds of canine patterns.

The Adorable Factor just went off the charts.

You can click here for 25 free Christmas quilt patterns.

So, rethinking your fabric scraps?  Today's projects are just a
few examples of what can be made with the simplest of materials.


  1. Beautiful crafts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, this blog is full of lovely things ♥

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