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July 11, 2014

You know the Friday drill here at fleaChic:
Before & After Projects!

We're going to take a look at some incredible
and interesting back yard transformations.

And today's first makeover is utterly amazing:

Narrow backyards can be quite challenging:
Before                                              After
Imagine how much work it took to
remove the sidewalk and old patio.

A Toronto couple tackled their pitiful backyard:

Now it's perfect for entertaining.

Take a look at this beautiful new flagstone patio:
Before                                          After

A neglected, overgrown area of this
backyard was given a casual makeover:


It's amazing how a tiny area can be
transformed into such an inviting space:
Before                                            After

 From an eye sore . . . . .

. . . to a beautiful place for entertaining.

Want to take the baby look out of your
children's outdoor table and chairs?
 Contact paper and spray paint can
make a huge difference!

This old wrought iron set was fairly yucky:

But a new glass table top, spray paint and fabric
completely transformed it and added years of
enjoyment to its useful life.

This backyard was simply over grown
and really just needed a trim:


 When the new homeowners moved in there
were so many projects for them to tackle
that the backyard was last on the list:

8 Foot 6
It was worth the wait!

This backyard went from plain . . . . . . 

. . . . to oh, so pretty:

This next makeover is almost unbelievable:


The homeowners added a touch of Italy to their backyard.
It took 4 years for the wisteria canopy to mature.

I admire people who take a chance with unusual colors:

The owners' choices certainly perked up this patio.

Most renters don't want to permanently add to
the structure of the home they're in.  Here's a make-
over that used purchased items, not built-ins:

I love the galvanized tub coffee table!

Prepare to be stunned:

Beautiful, isn't it?

The owners of this house wanted a different
kind of design to perk up their bland patio:

The Handmade Home
A pergola adds instant charm to any outdoor setting.  These
homeowners completely transformed their outdoor entertaining
area and increased the aesthetic value of their home.

And today's last Before & After backyard
project might just be my favorite:

The horizontal fountain is such a sophisticated touch.

I hope that you enjoyed today's projects.  They
all added beauty and worth to their properties
and provide additional outdoor room for the owners.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, I am so impressed. Some really great makeovers, quite inspirational.

  2. I enjoy your blog but adore your Friday post !

    cheers, parsnip