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July 1, 2014

There is no before . . . . . . . .

just some beautiful afters!
Hand painted vintage chair by Jane Hall, $1,300

From simple stools to works of art:

Paula Gold
What went through my mind when I saw this photo:
"Honey, I've been after you for months to paint the garage.
Pleeeeeease go paint the garage!!"
Well, he did.

Leah Jane Originals reign supreme in the world of hand painted furniture.  Located in Nashville, Tn, Leah Jane Originals are unlike any custom pieces you've ever seen:

 Leah Jane Originals

Let's take a look at some other types of hand painted furniture, shall we?

Is this beach chair not adorable?!  I especially
like the drink holder drilled into the arm!

Here's another type of hand painted chair -
almost looks as if they used a stencil:

Isn't it amazing what a little paint can
do in the hands of a talented artist?!


Lisa Frick
What child wouldn't love to have
fantasy furniture in their bedroom?


Lisa Frick

Painted furniture can add an unexpected
spot of color to any decorating scheme.


Okay, I'm going to wrap up this post before we all O.D. on creativity.
(But, just one more!)

I could do this all day!  Better sign off and get something productive done . . . .  


  1. We had a summer condo (golf) in Palm Desert and I decided to paint the furniture in the bedroom. Bed, dresser and night stands. Let me tell you after finishing the bed and dresser the nightstand got really simple !
    Really was a better design that way but what a job !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. You're right - painted furniture looks so cool but, boy, they can be tough, especially the intricate checks, stripes, and paisley designs. Bet your pieces look great.

  2. Oh my GOODNESS, that painted furniture is fabulous. LOVED i! Susan

    1. They're fun pieces, aren't they? Really perk up a room.

  3. Hi Jan! I loved these pieces. The bright and decorative pieces make you feel happy, don't they?! I can't imagine anyone not liking them, Thanks for the cheer! XX

    1. You're right - who could be depressed around such fun furniture?! They're especially cute in children's rooms. Hope you're having a fun summer. -- Jan

  4. Wow, they look great! It makes me want to paint some furniture :)