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July 7, 2014

Repurposeful Mondays are lots of fun and I think you're going to like today's upcycling idea - framed vintage game boards as wall art.

Candy Land and Shoots and Ladders are staples of any childhood game
library.  Click here for a tutorial on making your own frames.

Vintage games are becoming more popular collectibles.  This
framed vintage Raggedy Ann board is priced at $119 on Etsy.

Valued at over $1,200 this 1890 wooden version of a
Punch & Judy game board is a beautiful work of art.

Chinese Checkers have been manufactured by many different
companies but they're all colorful and ideal for framing.

A framed Scrabble board can also tell a story:

A Scrabble board also makes a darling picture frame:

Not only was this vintage Monopoly game board framed,
the owners added the paper money, cards and dice.  Cute!

A newer version of Monopoly was framed along
with a few little plastic houses and game pieces:

Lots of folks don't have a Clue as to how
charming framed game boards can be.

Vintage Heaven!

Framed game boards also look darling in a nursery.

Repurposing old game boards as art isn't just charming, it's also economical.

Take a Risk and decorate with your own game boards.
They'll bring back lots of memories of fun family times.


  1. We have lots of vintage game boards here, but my grandsons are too busy learning how to play them all to let me put them on my walls. Good idea though they make lovely art. An idea for the future perhaps.

  2. Great idea! they would look great in a family room!
    (if I had a family room!) lol!
    happy day!

  3. I love this! I have a vintage twixt game for sale on ebay right now. It is so cool that I told the consignment client that I will buy it if it does not sell!>

  4. Love this idea. Maps even new ones are wonderful too.
    Everywhere I have traveled, I have bought a map. Framed they are lovely.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Thinking outside the game envelope.

  6. How cute would these be in a family room or kids room !!