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July 10, 2014

Doesn't it feel great to do something nice for someone special?
If you have a friend, relative, or coworker who has a sweet tooth,
consider making a candy bouquet for them.

Malt balls for the soil, green Twizzlers for the greenery, and
grape rock candy sticks are the basic components of this bouquet.

Plug in the glue gun and pull out the shish
kabob sticks to construct this sweet treat. 

Adorable birthday bouquet!

I could probably work my way through this arrangement in about two
weeks but most people would take much longer.  Did you know that almost
all candy bars can be frozen and thawed for future consumption?

A perfect princess present!

Cute, cute, cute!!

One word:  yummy!

This is an adorable idea for someone
who has a Halloween birthday.

Guys like mug bouquets, too. 

Love the tea cup and polka dot bucket:
So sweet!

Have I convinced you that a candy bouquet is a good idea?

They really are quite simple to assemble.
Click here for an easy tutorial.  You'll be
amazed at how much fun they are to make.

A sundae of sweets is simple, too:

Candy bouquets really do make sweet,
unique, and economical gifts.


  1. What an amazing idea, considering it for my daughters wedding.

    1. What cute centerpieces these would make at the rehearsal dinner or at a shower. Cute!

  2. Cute ideas there...I especially like the first bouquet, probably it's all the green!

    1. The first one really appealed to me, too. There're a lot of malted milk balls in the bowl but I especially like the green Twizzlers.

  3. How did I miss this post? Such sweet centerpieces!

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