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July 23, 2014

I LOVE old magazines.  They're a fascinating glimpse into the past and it's amazing to see how much things have changed over the years.

Let's take a peek into the March, 1962, issue of Ladies' Home Journal.  

How adorable is this little tyke?  It's hard
to believe that he's now 52 years old.

The cover story featured essentials for the modern baby:

  Infant car seats hadn't yet been invented so babies
and toddlers in cars were basically unprotected.

How adorable (and unsafe!) is that vintage stroller

Like today's LHJ, past issues had something of interest for everyone - fashion, decor, recipes, health articles, and human interest stories.  And, of course, advertisements.

I'm not surprised that Layer-Pak vegetables didn't stay
in business.  This isn't a very appetizing gelatin salad.

 Vitamins use to be sold in cute little glass bottles that
could be used to hold spices and other small things.

 How cool is this Frigidaire stove that pushes
back under the oven unit when not in use?

Magnavox marketed a complete entertainment
center - television, stereo and radio.

 I haven't seen Stanback aspirin in years.
I wonder if they're still manufactured.

 Sego was one of the first liquid diet drinks on the market.
Their television slogan was, "Sego, it's great for your ego!"

 I don't remember My-T-Fine pudding
but the souffle looks delicious.

 What do you think this beautifully elegant woman is selling?
Modess - women's personal hygiene products.

Forget naturally, free-flowing hair.  Styles back in the
early '60s were teased, stiff, and lacquered with hair spray.

Whenever I see vintage photographs of interior
design I wonder what the rooms look like today.

Parents "back then" had a sense of humor
and appreciated a funny comic sketch: 

Caption:  "All right, let's get rolling
with that nine-o'clock tantrum!"

Old magazines aren't just entertaining, they make unique and special gifts.  If you run across a vintage edition that was published the month and year that someone you know was born, buy it and give it to them as a gift.  It will definitely become a conversation piece that they will enjoy for many years.


  1. Oh! I loved these! I remember these times very well. I graduated from college in 1962! No teased or sprayed hair, though. I've always wanted mine short!

    1. I remember my aunt using what seemed like an entire can of hair spray on her 'do' - it was like a choking fog when she sprayed! The family use to joke that her hair could withstand a tornado!

  2. I adore the stroller and would have used one for my children before one of the soft folding umbrella ones that were around when mine were little The poor babies always looked squished into little balls in them. In fact my Scotties would look rather cute in that one.
    Oh dear I rather like the green and blue kitchen too, Gosh !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. I love the stroller, too, especially the fringed canopy. And I don't think I've ever seen one in an antique shop or at a flea market. What a collectible! Archie and Boswell would enjoy a ride around the block in one of those.

  3. Oh my! In 1962 I was rolling my hair and sleeping on curlers just like in these pictures. I love the old magazines too.

    1. It's definitely an interesting look back to the past. Curlers were on their way out when I was in high school and hot curlers were popular, thank goodness. One of my aunts looked like a Breck Girl.

  4. That was a fun 'blast from the past'! Love the kitchens back then - especially that vintage stove! The baby things are so cute, but there must have been some serious injuries! I can remember the car beds - my baby sisters (and I) slept in those. What a great idea to give a vintage magazine as a gift! Fun post! xo Karen

    1. That kitchen is so cool - I would love to have one today. I wonder why the pull-out range didn't remain popular? It looks so convenient. And, that turquoise color rocks!

  5. Browsing through old magazines is such fun. I have a couple that belonged to grandparents from the forties and my mom and aunt from the fifties and early sixties. The ads are my favorites. Thanks for sharing!

    1. What treasures to have old magazines that belonged to family members. I love the ads, too. They say more about our society 'back then' than the articles to.

  6. You do such a great job with ALL your "finds" and sharing them with us. This post conjurers up so many memories and feelings.
    The vegetable, layered salad was pretty funny!