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July 25, 2014

Everybody do the Friday Dance!  (Kind of a cross between the Hokey Pokey and Gangnam Style.)

You know what fleaChic is all about on Fridays.  That's right - Before & After Projects. 

Today's post is a smorgasbord of miscellaneous interesting transformations and they all have something in common.  See if you can guess.

Seriously, only $1?!

Cast your eyes on this whimsical vintage kitchen cart:

Sometimes you just need a single chair
for a desk or to fill a corner:
Before                                                     After

So cute!

Isn't that flamingo adorable?

It's hard to imagine that this lot of
mismatched chairs had potential:

Such a charming idea - the same paint, the same
fabric but each chair has a distinct personality.

Would you have walked right past these chairs?

Oh, my, what an amazing transformation:
Stunning, aren't they?

A humble little cabinet was simply sanded and painted:

An Art Deco desk was silently screaming for a makeover:

Love the new drawer pulls.

Speaking of drawers . . . . . 

A skeletal frame was welded together out
of scrap metal to make a unique drawer unit.

Sandi at A Cottage Muse turned an antique cast iron
oven door into a beautiful architectural accent piece:

Who says a stool has to be boring?

This antique buffet had significant laminate damage:

Paint and decoupaged maps beautifully cover the damage:

Today's last metamorphosis is a beauty:

A black stain added a touch of sophistication to this vintage treasure.

Well, have you figured out what every one
of today's projects have in common?

That's right - each piece was purchased at a flea market!
So get out there this weekend and look for a project.


  1. Amazing, some great transformations.

  2. I wish I could find the drawers.
    I have lots of old printers wooden type and would love these to put then in.
    I had a box made for them to hang on the wall but it needs some shelve adjusting.

    cheers. parsnip

  3. I still have that vintage whimsical cart. It is still in good shape though.

  4. What wonderful projects. I especially like a few of the chairs. All it takes is taking the time to find the potential and inner beauty. Have a wonderful weekend. B

  5. I'm always reading your posts but never commenting, love some of the upcycled projects. I love upcycling items and I've just finished changing a table into an ottoman and well pleased with the result! Have a lovely weekend. Sharon

  6. Congrats oh so excited for you. This is such an honor and your home so deserving. I cannot wait to see you in the next issue.