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July 8, 2014

Yesterday's post featured framed vintage game boards as an alternative to commercial wall art.  Today's post offers other unique options to purchasing new prints or paintings - antique books and their illustrations suitable for framing.

These illustrations are from The Abbey of Mount Saint Michel and Its
Surroundings by Edouard Corroyer.  The book was printed in Paris in 1877.  

You'd be surprised at the beautiful antique books that occasionally turn up at thrift shops and flea markets.  Even though they might be a tad pricey, the right old book can provide a roomful of beautiful illustrations, not to mention the lovely artwork on the cover.


Antique and vintage hard cover books continue
to increase in value but are still quite affordable.
Not only are they entertaining reads, their beauty
and workmanship makes them one of the most
versatile gadgets in your decorating tool box.


  1. The graphics of old books are amazingly beautiful!

  2. How beautiful these covers and illustrations are.
    So many of my old books were destroyed in the wildfire. I miss them.
    I have a hard time ripping up books unless they are torn or destroyed already.
    So many of these covers are from the Art Nouveau to the Modernist or International style, my favorite.
    I love the book arts something we don't see so much of now.
    Think I am a relic.
    I am so enjoying your blog !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Some really beautiful books, with delightful illustrations. I will follow your blog with interest.