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July 21, 2014

Repurposeful Mondays

are some of my favorite posts.  It's so interesting to find and share useful ways to upcycle the most common of items.

Let's start with an idea to make your
next tea party a little sweeter:

 Use icing as 'glue' to make these adorable and
edible ice cream cone and cookie teacups. 

You can also use ice cream cones to make
cupcakes.  Click here for the easy tutorial. 

Frozen milk, cream and coffee cubes really do come in handy.

 If Dad has a shirt he no longer wears
use it to dress up baby boy's onesie.

So smart.

 An entertainment center was
turned into a planting station.

Last week I saw an old door lying beside the
road.  Wish I had stopped and picked it up.

This is an especially good tip in the
Summer when boots aren't worn.

Strange Closets
Vintage car ramps provide manly shelf support.

I ahhhhhh-dore repurposing an old piece of luggage into an
end table and this one is particularly charming.  And I'm
also kind of crushing on the black shag carpet.

Repurposing AND Before & After?!  I'm tingling!
Blue Roof Cabin
Such a nice salvage.

An old twin headboard is now a unique chalkboard.

Okay, I see where they're going with this idea:
For a boy's room I would spray paint the cars just about
any color other than gold or simply not paint them at all.

It can be a pain to get cards back into their
original box.  Here's a brilliant alternative:
Baby wipe boxes!

Most thrift shops abound with unused
glass vases.  They make lovely fixtures:
Etsy Source

How cute would this old minnow bucket
light be in a nautically decorated room?!

An old porch light fixture is charmingly
being used as a flower vase.

Glass globes can also be used as
silverware caddies for outdoor
entertaining or to hold votives.

Habitat for Humanity restores are great sources
for inexpensive light fixtures and chandeliers.

Click here for an easy tutorial on how
to turn a chandelier into a patio planter.

I hope you enjoyed today's repurposeful ideas.  Upcycling is so economical and just plain smart.


  1. I AM going to make a car mirror for my son's room. He has so many that he loves but no longer really plays with so this will be a perfect reminder of his childhood!

    1. That really is one of the cutest mirrors I've seen in a while.

  2. I too loved the car mirror, a perfect gift for my grandson.

    1. That's one things that most of us hang onto - our son's Match Box cars. That's the cutest 'boy' mirror I've seen in a long time.

  3. I love all the old door projects. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Fun post today !
    I like the vase as a light.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. lots of great ideas! thanks for sharing. Happy tuesday

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