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July 31, 2014

Last weekend I suffered Thrift Shop Agony - one of my favorite stores had a huge 50% off EVERYTHING sale.  Of course, I found things that I wanted but didn't really need:

You're right - as everything was half price, this beautiful
antique upright piano could be purchased for only $50! 

My imagination immediately took flight and I
remembered several upright piano repurpose-ments:

And during the sale, any of these vintage school
desks could be purchased for only $7.50:
Sheer agony!  I walked around the desks for almost 20 minutes
while I talked myself out of buying one of them (or, all of them!)

Oh, the adorable possibilities  . . . . . . 



Milk and Cuddles

Beautiful Nest

Johnny In a Dress



It's so hard to find artistic creations for little
boys' rooms and this last idea is simply perfection:
Why, oh, why didn't I scoop up a few of those
desks?  The pangs of non-buyer's remorse!


  1. Wow, I would have loved to have bought all of them as well as the piano.

  2. I'm a retired elementary school teacher, and believe me if I were still teaching I'd love to have one of those vintage school desks for my classroom. I can see one or more of these cleverly embellished as special places of honor for rewarding good work and good behavior. Very clever ideas!

  3. I love the piano made into a water feature...awesome!

  4. Hello Jan
    Loved pianos, how much imagination!
    I never thought a simple piano could turn into so many interesting!
    When I was a little girl I used to play the piano almost every day. Nowadays I don't have it anymore, and I've forgotten most of songs...
    A big hug from Brazil


  5. As much as I like to recycle, please do not re purpose a piano, no !

  6. Oh I feel your much I would have wanted to buy but I have a small Toyota, it doesn't hold much oh but I hurt for you, sincerly