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July 14, 2014

Hello, Repurposeful Monday!  Isn't it great to start
the week with economical upcycling ideas?

I love today's first repurposing photo:
Many of us have collectible plates that we just don't know how to
display.  Pick out a dozen and make a huge kitchen wall clock.

Here's an adorable garden idea
for displaying plates.

Do you have a chair that is either beyond repair
or you just don't need?  Use it as an ivy trellis.

Here's a handy idea:
Poke a small hole in the plastic by the lid.
That helps the water pour out a little easier.

Turn a 2 litre soda bottle into a sprinkler for
the kids to play with or to water the garden. 

Today's tip:

Most of us don't have a restaurant-style kitchen but
this is a quaint idea even if you only have two taps.

Looking for a different kind of end table?
Check out local thrift shops for big brassy lamps.
Remove the cord and glue-gun a large marble tile
to the top.  You can fill the bottom of the lamp
with plaster of paris or sand to add stability to it.

Repurpose a corner of the kitchen or den
into a mini-reading area for the kids:

Wish I had thought of this when my kids were little:

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What a sweet treat!  Have a great Monday.


  1. I love those brass lamp end tables.
    Thanks for the free Seven Eleven app. I am not fond of sweets but can give the tip to some one else.

  2. I love the ideas today. My friend took an old umbrella spines and grew ivy on it much like the chair.
    The chair I really want but could never have living where I do in the southwest. le sigh

    cheers, parsnip