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December 13, 2013

Yes, there are only 12 Days 'til Christmas but let's take time
to relax and enjoy some amazing Before & After projects. 

If you know anyone who casts a side-eye at thrift store and flea
market finds have them take a look at these stunning makeovers.

Before                                             After
 Trevi Vintage Design

Oh, the possibilities of Mid-Century Modern!

Before                                                    After

Before                                       After
Design Sponge
It's hard to tell from the photo on the right but the scarred back of
the chair was actually gold-leafed.  Click here for the whole story.

A flowery, early 1960's sofa was returned
to its sophisticated original state:
Dave's Mid-Century Stuff

Crushed velour:  No!         Velvet:  Yes!
Before                                           After

Tufted furniture must be the hardest to upholster.  I'm still undecided as
to whether I like the 'after' fabric but the upholstery job is very professional:

Michelle Sorensen

The classic silhouette technique completely changed this mirror:

Rob and Heather Williams

Home DIT reader submitted one of the simplest, most clever improvement
projects I've ever posted.  It began with a dresser mirror from the owners' bedroom:

Spray paint products were used: 

The dresser mirror is now used to 'frame' another mirror:
Home DIT
Click here for the quick tutorial of how the mirror was transformed. 

The woven-back chair, below, was in a sad state of
repairs.  The red chevron print really perked it up.

Beckwith's Treasures

This poor chest was covered in layer-after-layer of paint:

Design Sponge
How wonderful that it was restored to its natural beauty.

You know how you see those chic tree trunk end tables and
think, "That's just a stump they carried into the house."

Well, turns out there's a whole lot more to it than that:
The Art of Doing Stuff
The hardest part is de-barking the log
but the results are truly worth the effort.

Wendy Sheaffer took a rather ordinary jewelry armoire
and turned it into a beautiful addition to her bedroom:

Wendy Sheaffer

Boy, did this chair need a loving touch:
Before                                 After
Kate's Place
And it got one.

Dated TV armoires abound and it can be
quite challenging to give one an update.
Brendan Carpenter
Who doesn't need a sophisticated bookcase?

The bathroom, below, was a vision of
pink, mauve, purple, bamboo, and oak:

What a tasteful transformation:
Apartment Therapy
Love that sink.

Look at the darling makeover this
tiny New York kitchen received:
Tiny but terrific!

Beaducation is an internet shopping site for all things craft related - tools,
supplies and online classes.  A couple of years ago they relocated their office
and were faced with renovating a huge, empty commercial building.
Yikes - that's a big blank space!

The staff quickly went to work dividing
the square footage into a reception area . . .

 . . . . an employee kitchen . . . .

. . .  and the heart of the business - a shipping and marketing space:
  Great job!

This next project involves three of my favorite things - problem
solving, a Before & After project, and a Mid-Century Modern credenza.

Here's the problem:
Ugly pipes in a foyer were hidden
in a wood box (to the left, below):

The owners decided to conceal the pipes
inside a Mid-Century Modern credenza:

and then dressed it up a little more:
What a lovely solution.  So sophisticated.  So fleaChic!

Thanks for stopping by to view these charming Before & After projects.
Have a wonderful weekend.  See you on Monday!


  1. I love a good before and after post. Hiding those pipes that way was genius and I love the bathroom make over.
    So many wonderful ideas, thank you :)
    Have a;lovely day and keep smiling,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

    1. Hiding those pipes in the credenza really was ingenious. B&A projects are so inspiring. Have a great weekend, Jan

  2. Love them all! Great roundup! Have a great weekend! J

  3. Wow - beautiful transformations! Loved seeing them all.

    1. Before & After projects are my favorite posts to compose. Thanks for stopping by, Jan

  4. Fun transformations! I especially like the stump table :)

    1. I like the outdoor look, too. We're going to have some trees cut down in the Spring and I might just have them cut one into a pair of new end tables! -- Jan

  5. Anyone who can see these ideas in their head is gifted. I look at something and that's all I see. I could never imagine that trunk or the log, or the sofa's looking like the after photos. I'm jealous! Great post as usual.

    1. You're right - it takes a person with vision to plan and execute a successful makeover. Vision and bravery! Hope you're having a good weekend. -- Jan