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December 30, 2013

Ready to pack away the Christmas ornaments and decorations?
Today's Repurposeful Monday is all about finding extra storage
space in unexpected places.

Vintage thrift shop dressers are relatively
affordable and provide tons of room for storage:


The faux jungle print on the sides of the drawers was
made with colored permanent markers.  Clever!

Storage and organization go hand-in-hand:

A recent study showed that being disorganized was
a major cause of stress.  That's easy to take care of:

Don't be so quick to toss those small breath mint tins into the
recycle bin.  They make great little organizational cubbies:

Keeping game and toy parts organized can be a challenge.
Dedicate a yard sale end table for holding specific toys pieces:
Aren't the Lego drawer pulls clever?

You want a cool, eclectic coffee table, right?
And you want extra storage space, right?
Well, think outside the box or, um, the case, in this case:
It's surprising how often you'll stumble across a distressed guitar case
at a flea market.  And vintage-esque table legs can be found at Lowes.

Vintage hard-shell luggage is super
durable and slips easily underneath the bed.

Put your collection to work, using
it for hiding treasures from view:

Ladders are also great for repurposing into
extra storage and displace shelves:

This antique chicken coop made darling
kitchen shelving after vigorous disinfecting:
I love the towel rack, too!

And what's cooler than locker storage?

A few cans of spray paint gave this set
of lockers a chic bohemian look:
Great upcycle idea / Colorful painted file drawers interspersed with grey drawers in a grey file cabinet / Table Tonic
Table Tonic

Oh, the possibilities:
love vintage locker idea

paperblog3.jpeg (500×667)

dark grey metal storage piece.
Torie Jayne

This could be the decorating theme in one of my guest rooms and I could display all the sports memorabilia from the kids!

How about vintage lockers in the breakroom to give employees a place to keep all their "stuff".....old school!
Decor 8
Leaving the lockers in their original rustic state
gives off an intriguing masculine vibe.  Interesting.

A pink teapot softens the industrial look:
6th Street Design School: Using Lockers in Your Decor
6th Street Design School

Possibly the coolest bookcase you'll see today:
Locker Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 7

Let's not forget that old commercial lockers often contained metal baskets:
Vintage Rustic LOCKER BASKET School Gym - - #home_decor_ideas #home_decor #home_ideas #home_decorating #bedroom #living_room #kitchen #bathroom #pantry_ideas #floor #furniture #vintage #shabby
Your Home Decor Ideas
These are ridiculously pricey online so keep
an eye out for metal baskets at the flea market.

In closing, I'm in love . . . . . . . . . 
VINTAGE INTERIOR  Love the pieces on the top
Vintage Interiors
Simply gorgeous.  Sigh.

Have an awesome Monday.  It's the last one of the year!


  1. Cool ideas! Thanks for sharing. We are trying to get things put away and organized here. It is a great way to begin the new year!

    1. I love organization tips. Most of us spend a lot of time thinking of ways to save money but saving time is just as important. It's something we can't replace! I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful New Year, Jan

  2. such an amazing assortment of storage ideas, what inspiration! Happy New Year to you!!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. Repurposeful Mondays are some of my favorite posts to create. Hope you have very safe and Happy New Year, too! -- Jan

  3. Those are really amazing and practical. I've been accused of being organized to a fault. But you are so right, it cuts the stress out of living. In fact yesterday I made an inventory of my pantry, and today clean all the shelves, took things that accumulated during the holidays to the garage.

    Thanks so much for stopping by...I really enjoyed your comment on the Laundry.

    Happy New Year. Going to save your blog...I will be a regular.

    1. I'm an organizational addict which is good since I'm also a semi-hoarder! Books, craft supplies, and china are my weaknesses but they're such harmless weaknesses! Have a wonderful New Year, Jan

  4. Great Ideas for organizing, Jan! Love the ladder in the kitchen. I might steal that idea... Happy New Year! xo Karen

    1. Karen, thanks so much for your visits. I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful New Year, Jan

  5. Wow! So many wonderful ideas! Loving them all, I now will visit my favorite thrift stores looking for items with these possible storage ideas! Thank you so much for sharing, Jan.

    Please have a safe and a Happy New Year!


  6. Oh I am going to tell I am going to love coming here what wonderful ideas and I do love repurposing all the things I pick up at auctions that no one knows what to do with. This is going to be fun. Thank you. B

  7. Incredible tips! Who would have thought old lockers and ladders could be so stylish and efficient??

  8. It's as if you stalked my pinterest. I'm in love with all these ideas!