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December 16, 2013

If you're like me, you spent a portion of the weekend shopping for (almost) last minute Christmas gifts and baking ingredients.

Let's have a Repurposeful Monday without a Christmas theme.  How 'bout we view a few decorating options using the classic, antique sewing machine stand?

An end table was created with a base and two
vintage commercial ledgers found at a flea market:
(Okay, that white poinciana on the
floor slipped in by mistake. Sorry.)

Did you know that you can 'age' wood with one simple
ingredient?  Apple cider vinegar!  Holly Lefevre of 504 Main
offers an easy tutorial on how to add an organic stain to wood.

I love how they used the wheel as a pot lid holder!

Using a printer's tray filled with trinkets
and memorabilia is a brilliant idea!

The sewing machine was removed from this base
and the original wood frame was simply painted:

Two repurposings in one - the machine
stand paired with a beautiful old window.

Those Pinnoccios aren't nutcrackers so
technically they're not Christmas ornaments!

Did you know that Lowes and Home Depot
sell round, unpainted table tops?

If you decide to have a glass top cut for the base, be sure
to extend at least 6 inches from the metal all around and opt
for heavy glass.  A bevel trim adds an elegant touch. 

Vintage and antique sewing machines are becoming rather hard to find.

Next time you run across one at a flea market or antique shop, think of the charming possibilities.

Hope you enjoyed this (almost) Christmas-free post.  Resume your Monday!


  1. What a fabulous post I bought one of these bases from a junk shop a few years ago for about £5 and it's outside with plants on it because I couldn't think of anything else to do with it. I think I'm now going to bring it inside and turn it into something fabulous. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. They're extremely versatile. Until I ran across the photos of the base used in the bathrooms, I had never even thought of using one in the powder room. Thanks for stopping by! -- Jan

  2. I have the old family Singer machine but the cabinet is beginning to fall apart. Eventually, I'm going to do something like the above with the base.

  3. Those sink stands are so clever! I wish I had my Grandma's old Singer today. These ideas sre awesome.

  4. Lots of fun ideas! I really like the ones under the sinks...haven't seen that before :)

  5. How would I polish the black? I have my grandmother's that came with her from Italy. It's over 80 years old I would like to make the stand shiny? And loved loved your ideas.