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December 12, 2013

My (partial) Christmas Wish List for family and friends

For my grandchildren:   A turntable (aka, a record player)
so they'll know how REAL music should sound.
Record players are actually making a come back.  Progress!

For my daughter, Brynna:  Vintage Italian tulip chairs
to match the handmade trestle table she inherited.

For my niece, Shasha:  A darling gypsy wagon
because she dreams of traveling the world.

For Mom (a documented gumdrop addict): Gumdrop Fudge!

Shugary Sweets
Click here for the ahhhhhhh-mazingly easy recipe.

For Archie and Boswell:  the best blog assistants deserve
the Olympic medals of dog biscuits - bronze, silver, and gold.
Top DIY Projects
Make these festive gifts yourself with a box of
Milk Bone dog biscuits and a can of spray paint.

Helping write a blog every day is exhausting.  Part of
their benefits package includes frequent naps and snacks.

For my BFF Lisa (who always has perfect hair):
a Scotch Tape hair cut!
This childhood ritual explains why
I could benefit from Psychotherapy.

For my brother, Doug (who believed that every family
would have a personal flying saucer by 1985):
Chronically Vintage
Growing up we religiously watched The Jetsons and dreamed of life
in the 21st Century.  I'm still surprised that I don't have one of those
"sprinkle a drop of water on a small sponge that pops up into a 6
course meal."  So much for progress.

For Aunt Jan (who refuses to learn how to text):  a carrier pigeon

For neighbor Gene: a mounted deer head
Rachel Denny
Now you can sleep late on Saturday mornings.
(P.S. Instead of buying another gun buy
your wife a pair of diamond earrings.)

For my son Adam:  an ugly Christmas sweater kit and tie
because you laugh at my fashion sense in vintage photos
Hairspray and High Heels

For nephew Casey (a true Southern Gentleman):
the longitude and latitude of the Mason-Dixon line
The Old Try

For all Hipsters:  sandal socks so they'll have a TRUE
sense of fashion (I'll also throw in a record player) 

For high school friend Claire: a Styrofoam cone 
(private joke!)

For Uncle Jimmy: Bacon toothpaste
because you just can't have enough bacon.
Mr. Bacon

For sister-in-law Janie: you bring the key and I'll bring the skates
(if you understand this then you're a fellow Baby Boomer)

For my beloved husband, Bob: so
he'll know what a REAL fixer-upper is!

And for every 2 story house in the World:  indoor slides!

You're welcome.

What's on your Christmas wish list?


  1. My wish list is simple. Wish I could spend it with my granddaughters and son. Otherwise, I hope they have a really good Christmas no matter what.

    1. I know the feeling. Although we have family here Christmas won't be complete without our daughter and her family in Minneapolis and our son and his family in Washington, D.C. Never thought I'd spend my retirement years traveling the country to visit with the grandchildren but I'm grateful any time I get to see them. -- Jan

  2. Hi Jan, I love your sense of humor. This is a fun post . . . you can add my name under the gypsy wagon.
    I've always wanted one :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

    1. Isn't it darling? I would love to have one in the back yard so that I could 'get away' in my imagination. -- Jan

  3. The turntable will also teach your grandchildren the meaning of the phrase "broken record".