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December 11, 2013

I'm intrigued by folks who collect spoons - souvenir spoons, baby spoons, salt spoons, silver spoons.  And now I'm beginning to see the possibilities . . . . .

Women IO
Not only were these spoons and forks repurposed
into a wind chime, votives give it even more charm.

Okay, let's all say it together, "That's so clever!"
Custom Made

Spoons as handles - I love this idea!
Objects by Echoes

What am I looking at?  See the crossed spoons?
They're actually soldiered to a fancy plate stand. 
Hashtag For You


Watch bands made from silver spoons can be found online
with prices ranging from $35 to $300 depending on whether
you choose silver plated or sterling silver.

Flatware jewelry remains popular and is charmingly unique:

A monogrammed initial spoon ring costs
less than $20 and is an ideal gift.

A vintage flattened spoon makes a beautiful pendant:
A set of 10 French spoon hooks is priced at $85 but that's
only $8.50 each if you give them individually as gifts.

A personalized gift makes the present even more
special knowing that the giver put a lot of thought
into it and either made it or ordered it just for you.
Etsy Source

 Who would have thought to upcylcle a spoon into a picture frame?

Add a whimsical touch to your next place setting: 
Etsy Source

A mini-collage in a spoon is such a sweet idea.

Cherished Vintage

When I run across something that I really like, the first
thought that goes through my mind is, "Can I make that?"

Lots of us would like to stamp/engrave our own spoons but where do
we start?  Beaducation is just one of hundreds of online sites that offers
tutorials on stamping metal along with a source for purchasing the supplies.  

Hmmm . . . . maybe a metal stamping kit would be a great gift to give ourselves!


  1. I love those lamps made from spoons!

  2. Those hanging light pendants are so cool!

  3. I LOVE everything!
    These are so creative, and I want the light!

  4. I like the spoon pictures with the little bows the best... soooo cute.

    1. These are wonderful! I once was at a yard sale and the home owner had a spoon wind-chime hanging on her porch.
      When I ask if it was for sell, her told me no and then possessed to tell me that each spoon hanging on the chime was a spoon from a female family member . . . from grandma, to aunts. I've always remembered this and thought it would be a wonderful keepsake. Keep Smile, Connie
      great post!
      I really need to get with it and make one :)

    2. What a great story and tradition. I'm going to look into buying one of those metal imprint kits and personalize some spoons for my family members. Spoons are so cool! -- Jan

  5. I love spoons! I can't believe you found all of those ideas...just so much you can do with them. Great post.

    1. Thanks! I, too, love spoons and was surprised that there are so many different ways to use them. -- Jan

  6. Wow. I love your post and your beautiful blog. You are very creative and wonderful. Kisses and hugs.
    This is my blog, see you:

    1. I visited your site and it's darling! So many great ideas. I'm your newest follower! -- Jan

  7. The spoon handles on the tray...brilliant! While shopping on Ebay for silver jewelry I have seen a lot of silverware jewelry. I remember it back in the 60's and 70's too. Great post as usual.!!

    1. Thanks so much! Those spoon handles really are adorable AND practical. Photos like the ones I posted today make me rethink the value of the humble spoon! -- Jan

  8. There are some GREAT ideas for spoons here. Love them..and I love that pendant one- xo Diana