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December 10, 2013

Rarely do I 'poach a post' from another site but this idea is just too darling not to share.

Last week I posted about the holiday versatility of the classic Mason jar.  Well, Tonia of  The Gunny Sack recently featured a similar post - Unique
Gifts in a Jar.

Not only are these personal and useful gifts, they're really quite inexpensive - something we can all appreciate this time of year.
The gift jars contain small items related to their themes:
A Loves To Bake jar holds a tiny grater, measuring spoons, a small
whisk, silicone cupcake holders, and even micro cookie cutters.

 Here's one for the men - a Cleans Up Well jar:
Inside is a small manicure kit along
with travel size toiletry items.

Just about everyone has a youngster in
their family who Loves To Draw: 

Color pencils, a mechanical pencil with refills, a small
drawing pad - lots of imagination went into this jar.

A Loves To Craft jar contains many of
the basic tools for - what else? - crafting!

These jars can be customized to the specific type of crafting
the recipient does - scrapbooking, paper making, sewing, - the
list is endless and many types of craft supplies are small.

This last one is sad but is also my favorite - the Blue Christmas
Without You jar.  Most of us will be apart from loved ones this
holiday and this jar says it all:
Put your imagination to work and pack that baby with
sweet treats, fake snow, a love note - anything to let those
dear to you know how much they're missed.

The lid labels are one of the things that makes these gift jars so endearing.  If you don't want to spray paint the lids consider using stickers and  ribbon.  Tonia also offers tutorials on how to create the labels.

Jar gifts can be customized for special occasions throughout the year - Valentines Day, birthdays, graduations, any occasion that calls for a unique gift. 
Take a moment to visit The Gunny Sack to read
 the full details on creating a Unique Gift in a Jar.


  1. Really enjoyed the colored pencils and pens jar. Not only cute but nice container when done arting.

    1. These gifts in jars for great for all ages. What fun to shop for items small enough to fit in a jar - I love a challenge! -- Jan

  2. These are great ideas! Who wouldn't love to get these neat gifts in a mason jar...very creative!

    1. And it's great for gift giving year 'round. I'm definitely using a few of these ideas this Christmas - but I'll want the jars back! ha -- Jan

  3. Hi, Jan! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Nice to meet you!

    I love the idea of using mason jars to make gifts. I am totally stealing this idea (ok, just using it). Thanks!

    Kathy @ Looking at life through my Bifocals

    1. It is clever, isn't it? So simple but brilliant! Thanks for stopping by, Jan

  4. Very cute ideas - thanks for sharing these! xo Karen

    1. You know me - always on the prowl to find unique and clever ideas! -- Jan

  5. Can we buy these already made up somewhere?