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December 17, 2013

Warning:  Today's post is basically an editorial so don't be disappointed that there aren't any photos.  And, remember - as always, the bossy opinions expressed by this bossy writer are strictly her own.

Last Summer three of our grandkidlets flew down from Washington, DC, for a week.  It was glorious - we explored the amazing Cathedral Caverns, fed zebras and emus at the Wildlife Rescue Park, toured space capsules at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and swam a lot. (Okay, one photo.)  

Near the end of an idyllic week I was running out of ideas to keep them entertained.  On a whim, while driving home from McDonald's (yes, I ruin their lives with fast food twice a year), I pulled into one of my favorite thrift shops and told them we'd browse for just a minute.

The teen granddaughters were captivated!  They spent over an hour going through the racks of designer label clothes and 7 year old Jackson parked himself in the book department and didn't budge.  Unknowingly, I had converted 3 mall/department store addicts into thrift shop aficionados and I was thrilled.  We left with several bags of treasures.

The point of this rambling editorial?  While the schools are closed for holiday break take your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews - even the neighbor's children - for a tour of your favorite, juiciest thrift store and expose them to the wonders of true bargain shopping.  

Make it a game - give each child $5 and see who can find the best bargain.  While shopping, gently point out chips and flaws but also the beauty of a rare Fenton piece or possibly a Fostoria reproduction.

It's our duty to create the next generation of repurpose minded and bargain-conscious shoppers.  We lead by example and thrift is a virtue every child should learn.

Oh, and don't forget the hand wipes.


  1. Great idea, Jan. What fun to do that with kids! xo Diana

  2. sometimes I think we just assume they want new new new and they really can enjoy old old old

  3. Great idea! Must try that one of these days.

  4. Hi Jan! I bet you were one surprised Grandma! And now you have a whole new world to talk to them about :) You are the 'cool Grandma!'
    Wonderful idea. So easy to just assume what kids like. Exposing them to new things is really the way to go, as you showed us all.
    Happy Tuesday :)

  5. What a great idea. I am all for recycling and this is a great way to introduce a new generation to it while making it fun.